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  • AMP_CFA AMP_CFA Dec 16, 1998 12:04 PM Flag

    Thanks for good posts, ever considered F

    I have only posted once or twice here. Hardly
    have enough time to read what others are
    contributing.I'm with the "no ripple" opinion on the shareholder
    rights agreement. SSS and Q4 results will drive this
    stock. PSUN seems very reasonably priced and I'm
    considering adding more shares.Curious to know what you all
    think of FTIC. If you go to the message board, you'll
    find I'm pretty bullish on the stock. But, the high
    leverage provides lots of volatility (both up and down).

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    • Ah, another Adrian desciple! I like reading his
      stuff...many of the channel stocks that I currently track
      began with his data.

      "Timing" the entry point is
      an area I could certainly improve in. Some pros will
      tell you to wait for the movement upward before
      jumping on, and letting go before the peaks. You lose
      some bottom and some at the top, but then you're
      always safer. I personally don't always subscribe to
      that because (1) I'm greedier and (2) I hate to miss
      those opportunities ("timing" is what makes this whole
      game more fun!).

      There are many factors that
      could change your timing with buying PSUN. I think
      there have been many excellent posts on this board that
      provide good insight. If you see upward movement a few
      days before earnings release, that's a good sign.
      Otherwise, perhaps you head for the exit. Will PSUN surprise
      everyone and announce a new web-based retail arm? Bang! Up
      she goes! The best DD (due diligence) you could do
      for yourself is go out and visit one of their
      locations. Are they busy? Do they "market" their clothing
      well? Do they have their act together? Do you like what
      you see? Would you even be willing to wear some of

      Last bit of advice. I always ask myself this question
      when I buy into a company, "If this thing tanks, am I
      willing to like the company just as much on the long-term
      as the short-term?" Be honest with yourself on that
      question, but the answer is usually the best determinate in
      your overall evaluation. That's why I bought both PSUN
      and ANIK: good mgmt, good products, solid
      fundamentals. They can weather the speed bumps.

      PSUN at now? Roughly 13 3/4? Historically, it ain't
      going to get much better. But retail has been taking a
      bit of a beating lately. Tough call. But if we can
      sustain above $15 for more than a day (!), that would be
      a huge buy signal in anyone's mind.

      luck with your choices!

    • I see a lot of posts saying this is going to
      soar, and I believe it will. The company looks great
      and when they introduce the spring line, I think
      they'll recoup a lot of this loss. I work with teens and
      my daughter said today that when spring hits,
      everyone heads for Pacific Sunwear. But my question is
      what time frame is everyone thinking?

      for the input..

    • I recently bought into this stock at 23+ as it
      immediately dropped to the teens. Have bought more on three
      separate occasions between 13 and 16+. I believe this
      stock will do fine. Hopefully its just matter of

    • Who is still around that bought PSUN in the mid 20's before all the news? Waiting for it to climb 10 or more points is becoming so tedious. Didn't expect to hold for the long-term.

    • Unfortunately I don't think sss and Q4 results
      will matter. I have invested when sss and Q reports
      were great, and the stock went just went lower and
      lower. Maybe buy when it reaches $2, and catch the
      upswing (check MGX recently? They also sell kids
      t-shirts, pants, etc.)

      • 2 Replies to detomaso69
      • in part because this is PSUN's biggest quarter.
        December is especially huge, as with other retailers. Q4
        results won't come out until March 2.

        As for MGX,
        looks like a turnaround bet. Sales are way down from
        prior year and company not profitable. But company is
        positioning for future growth (new hires, etc.). Also,
        Mossimo is an upscale brand, isn't it, more like Polo and
        Hilfiger for young adults. Not exactly mainstream

        Also, I assume you mean "buy when it reaches $12" not

      • How can you even begin to compare MGX to PSUN?
        Let me give you several reasons why you are dead
        wrong on this one:

        -MGX's ROE and ROA are
        big-time negative. PSUN is making damn good returns (go
        see for yourself, both well in "positive"
        - MGX has $97K in cash. That's right, MGX IS BROKE!
        PSUN is sitting on millions. How does MGX pay its
        employees, with cool T-shirts?
        - PSUN's book value per
        share is over 7X that of MGX. MGX's book value is 75
        cents per share. I'm amazed they haven't been delisted
        - MGX is trading at 9X book. PSUN is trading barely
        2.5X book. This is called "value investing".
        Short interest in MGX is higher than PSUN by over

        I haven't even bothered to go to the real
        financials, because the basic Yahoo! stuff is plenty to get
        started with. It's amazing to me that MGX has found
        enough suckers to buy it at today's close (6 13/16).
        SHOW ME THE VALUE! (with apologies to Tom Cruise and
        Cuba Gooding, Jr.). Yes, MGX has enjoyed a recent
        run-up. How sustainable is it?

        You said,
        "Unfortunately I don't think sss and Q4 results will matter."
        Okay, then what does in this industry? Takeover rumors?
        What kind of car the CEO drives? Help me

        Maybe I'm coming down on you too hard, but YOU HAVE TO
        And ask other posters on this thread and others; I'm
        usually one of the nicer people to chat with.

        your homework and you will find yourself making more
        informed investment decisions....and putting more
        "cha-ching!" in your pocket to boot. Later.

    • My opinion: I personally would not go after FTIC
      because the market cap is too low (could get delisted)
      and the average daily volume is also too low (roughly
      35K shares per day is not enough "churn" for my blood
      - not many buyers and sellers). I would be curious
      to find out why in our litigious society FTIC has
      not been firing on all cylinders lately. FTIC is
      definitely a speculative play, given the fact that it is far
      from it's 52 week high. IMHO, there are better values
      even at that price range.

      Good luck!

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