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  • spacepants11 spacepants11 Dec 23, 1998 3:09 AM Flag

    sss date

    I was just visiting the PSUN website to email them about starting an internet store. They have that December sales will be announced on Jan 7th.

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    • here's why. INVN is InVision Technologies
      (NASDAQ) trading at 5 9/16 bid offered at 5 23/32. INVN is
      one of the largest manuifacturers of explosive
      detection systems (EDS) in the entire US, also doing
      business if foreign countries (Japan and Spain to name but

      INVN traded at 7 11/16 within the past 5 days and then
      sucumbbed to end of the year tax selling.

      This is
      not a suggestion to sell PSUN and substitute INVN.
      For those of you who have followed my posts, you
      should be aware I do my homework. Go to the INVN board
      and read the stats and study their profile. You
      should be able to see the excitement I see. INVN earns
      14 % net after taxes has an excellent balance sheet
      and lastly sells at under 8 X earnings.

      is one of the largest manufucturers of explosive
      detection systems for civil avaition security in the US and
      also supplies their systems to foreign countries
      (Japan and Spain are only two of many). Additionally,
      they support their installed systems.

      As we
      speak INVN is quoted 5 3/4 bid offered at 5 13/16. It
      closed yesterday at 5 3/8. Within the last 5 days, it
      traded as high as 7 11/16, before trading down
      succumbing to end of the year tax selling.

      yearly range is 3 5/8 (during the October lows) to 11
      3/4. INVN has 12 M shares out and 7.8 M floating. It's
      book value is $ 3.54. It has a current ratio of 3.44
      to 1, with total long term debt of $ 400 K (K not
      M). It sells at 7.57 X earnings and earns in excess
      of 14 % net after taxes. At last reporting, there
      were 407 K shares short giving INVN a short ratio of
      3.23. The slightest interest by Wall Street and we have
      the added plus of having "shorters" potentially as

      If you go to the INVN board and read the stats on
      INVN, I believe you can sort this data for yourself.
      INVN is obviously under attack from "tax selling"
      which will abate entirely within the next 4 trading
      days (remaining in 1998). Tax selling doesn't always
      continue to the last hour of the last trading day of the

      With a PE ratio under 8 and INVN being able to earn in
      excess of 14 % net after taxes on sales, any increase in
      sales volume coupled with a discovery by Wall Street
      will cause INVN to move up dramatically.

      I view
      INVN as a super "diamond in the rough" and a real
      find, one that should be purchased in the last several
      days of this trading year while folks are
      indiscrimently selling for tax reasons.

      Pickle 007


    • Thanks for your clarifying EOM for me. Enjoy all
      your guys posts. I've been with PSUN several months
      now, and have made $ in and out of the stock. Have
      loaded up on it now. Saw sort of the same situation with
      TOM (Tommy Hillfiger) a while back. It had dropped to
      35 on neg. news, was holding at 43, and when sales
      numbers were announced jumped to 55. Hope for same
      senario with this baby. HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ALL.

    • HELLO PSUN.............

      Delia's announces

      Stock currently up 113% today.


    • check it out PSUN

    • as he called himself (pronounced "ohm" like the
      chant). St. EOM started his own religion down in south
      Georgia, just outside Buena Vista, a little town south of
      Columbus and east of Ft. Benning, in the midst of Southern
      Baptism and military preparedness.

      As you can
      tell, this is a humorous (but true) message. Read no
      further if you want to talk PSUN.

      I'm not shitting
      you, this guy is (was) real ... ain't the truth
      stranger than fiction sometimes. St. EOM spent three
      decades building a place called Pasaquan, which is
      described in this article I'm reading as "a wonderfully
      strange, bivrant, intricately ordered spot, a fantastic
      four-acre spread of Far Eastern, far-out architecture,
      painting and statuary." Based on the pictures, it is a
      folk artsy culmination of intricately painted concrete
      and shiny tin.

      Apparently, Martin was the son
      of a Georgia sharecropper who ran away from home at
      age 14 to go to New York. After stints as a pimp,
      prostitute, gambler and pot dealer, he settled into a career
      as a fortune teller. At the ripe old age of 50, he
      had an abrupt spiritual awakening in which he had a
      dream vision of a giant long-haired man.

      EOM's religion, Pasaquoyanism (derived from the Spanish
      word pasa meaning "to pass" or "to go" and quoyan, an
      Asian word that means "bringin' the past and the future
      together"), apparently has to do with "the truth, and with
      nature, and the earth, and man's lost

      St. EOM believed that hair was humankind's antenna to
      the spirit world and that it shouldn't be cut. He was
      also deeply engrossed in chanting, dancing, drumming,
      medatation, and generally quirky worship.

      In 1986, at
      age 77, in failing health and depressed by the recent
      death of his two beloved dogs, St. EOM shot himself in
      the head with a .38-cliber pistol. Today, his
      Pasaquan temple is being restored thanks to NEA grants
      totaling more than $90,000 (nice to see our tax dollars
      put to good use).

      Turns out, PSUN fashions
      are quite popular with the

      Merry Christmas, All.

    • this message board was not so delayed. 4 post stating the meaning for EOM. Funny.


    • >>>Every one in that industry talks very
      highly of them and approves their business strategy. I
      am in the same industry and I also do business with
      them. They know alot and they run the operation very
      efficiently. They will buy back 1,000,000 of their stock while
      it is low, and very soon they will be recommended by
      two market makers.
      I've also heared they are
      going to make a very important announcement which will
      have a great impact on the company.


      end of

      Dont know legitimacy of this claim, but seems a very
      likely scenario. New year, new money. Upgrades galor,
      and a new online shopping site unveiled. Just my
      humble opinion.


    • can you tell me where it is? I would like to recommend that they sell on line and release more news.

    • Hopefully Christmas + Cold Weather ='s INCREASED SALES!!

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