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  • bfg93105 bfg93105 May 18, 1999 6:12 PM Flag

    PSUN is rolling between

    35 & 40. Ride the wave. Free stock trading
    club,BBS,chat room (9PM ET) with traders to answer your
    questions. Don't trade alone. Come see us. Make friends.
    We'll leave the site on for you.

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    • Insiders must file with the SEC ahead of time, if
      they want to buy or sell stock in their company. But
      they do not have to buy or sell on that date they file
      for. I doubt that any insiders sold today, unless
      there is bad News comming, which is very

      For stock splits - a date of record is set, so the
      day of actual split ( which is later ) , the new
      shares will be at your broker house. If you buy after
      the record date, but before the split date, it takes
      about a week for the shares to be transfered to your
      account. Namely its just a paper trail.

    • Do you do everything I tell you to?

      Check out the link in message #2155. Pretty
      interesting. EXDS had some big insider trades today. Also
      check out ABOV's trades. Those guys traded lots of
      shares at the secondary offering but have way more
      shares left over -- so they probably feel good about
      their future.

      Yeah, baby!

    • I thought there was no way of knowing insider
      trading until they filed which could happen 1 month after
      the actual trade. please correct me if I'm wrong.
      Also, how does it work with the split? Do you actually
      receive your shares 10 days after the split happens? I
      thought the day the stock split is the day you received
      your shares.

    • thanks for your responce,i was going to tell you
      about the insider trader site , but i see you read
      ret's post, pretty good site but still not daily
      current info.probably need to pay for that kind of
      current info. i see how womack & weaver filed on 5/24 &
      5/26 to sell 20k each that must have executed today. i
      also see they have done this the past 3 months, march
      april & may,the stock neg responce to that was nothing
      like today.also 20k is not that many shares on a 2.2
      mil.share day.what moved the stock today?i sure would like
      to see what other block trades where made.hey it
      might just have been idividual investor panic.any
      insite would be appreciated.any way ive been long on
      psun and will stay that way for now,did take some
      profits over the years,but with thier great management &
      growth plan ,upcoming stock split,web store it is my
      opinion this is a good long term hold. im not an
      expert,but ive doubled & tripled my money on this
      also long on hott got in at 11.5 earlier this
      year,hoping for 35. i spoke to hott today web store is doing
      very good,after they up grade it should be one of the
      top web stores of its kind,the end of june should be
      exciting.hott,s overall #s are looking MIGHTY good. do your own
      research,but do check out hott.good luck to all and thanks
      again solestra

    • SI is

      Silicon Investor

      You have
      to pay a subscription fee to post. But... lurking is
      free. The board isn't the most active but the posters
      are extremely knowledgeable.

      I use
      companysleuth for inside information.

      It's free.

      I have yet to find a source that has up to date
      insider selling reports. Anyone?

      I tried to place
      the addresses for the sites I mentioned but it
      wouldn't post. A search will easily find



    • Welcom rozenbob. What a day!

      Check out psun on SI. They have some steller posters there.

      Hang on for the ride.



    • play these 33-39 ranges right and make money. nothing to push it higher than 39 nor to pull it lower than 30. ignore the ANALysts, they are doing the same thing.

    • What is happening? O well, I got out at 37 3/4. Will look to buy again if it holds 50 day moving average. 36% increase in sales and the stock looses $3?

    • same store sales increased 5.8%, while total sales increased 36%.

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