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  • tropazzz tropazzz Mar 17, 2012 10:00 PM Flag

    BDJ=Destroyer of Wealth

    What a garbage product... for a fee.

    Distributions (or should I say, returning of your own money) and covered call options were no support here during the down turn, and have prevented growth over the great run of the last 3 years.

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    • More fees for Blackrock. Not only is BDJ a total loser since its IPO which Blackrock charges a 1.15% annual fee to run, look at BDJ's 10 top holdings:

      Top Holdings
      As of 4/30/2012 reported by fund sponsor
      Holding Value %Portfolio

      Blackrock Liquidity Temp 0.17 $53.20M 3.50%
      Chevron Corp $40.12M 2.64%
      JPMorgan Chase & Co $38.81M 2.56%
      Wells Fargo & Co $38.70M 2.55%
      Exxon Mobil Corporation $29.11M 1.92%
      Pfizer Inc $29.06M 1.91%
      BHP Billiton Ltd ADR $27.64M 1.82%
      Philip Morris International, Inc. $26.95M 1.77%
      Caterpillar Inc. $26.16M 1.72%
      International Business Machines Corp $24.60M 1.62%
      Home Depot, Inc. $23.66M 1.56%

      Blackrock Liquility Temp .17 is the #1 holding at 3.50% of BDJ so Blackrock gets additional fees for running the #1 holding. Shame on you BLACKROCK. Spend more time on running your fund for the investors benefit and less time on how you get more fees for BLACKROCK.

    • BDJ is a loser, period. Blackrock should hang their heads for taking fees on BDJ with the performance of this fund since its IPO. A first grade student could have done a better job than the Blackrock fund managers on BDJ. Blackrock shame on you.

    • livin large in china be involved in a closed end fund for older people

      PS......Roc in an IRA (no basis and the beneficiary has no future tax liability) What is important the reason to buy and at a discount if you can but never @ a significant premium.....IT's the equity spread over buying debt which now is negative in relation to inflation
      however muted at 2.5%

    • I was an idiot to invest in "funds" that return capital (ROC).
      This is to any reader. If you are smart stay away from this fund and ZF and ZTR. They steadily go one way...down. Look up their turnover on With all the positions they say they have, why aren't they earning short term and long term capital gains? Why is their only return, return on capital? The stocks they own pay dividends. Where are the dividends going?
      I will never buy any fund that has ROC.
      Long-term sentiment: strong SMELL!

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