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  • bigbucksfreddy bigbucksfreddy Jan 23, 2009 3:48 PM Flag

    My Brother Just Bought 3000 @ $25.50

    After listening to me for a couple weeks about the strength of this company's balance sheet, fundamentals and technicals, he agreed with it being a "no-brainer" and just sent a text saying he's in! Congrats, bro! You will be greatly rewarded.

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    • The balance sheet is THE most important part of the puzzle. I am not ignoring the "dynamic elements". Your posts are extremely pessimistic. The economy is not nearly as bad as you try to make it out to be with posts that say "America is finished" or "Dow 3000". That's not easy to take seriously. And to compare MSFT which sells software has absolutely nothing to do with BBBY. You say there is no growth in BBBY and right now you are somewhat correct. That is why the stock is stable here and not moving up rapidly. In other words, your doom about BBBY is already priced in.

      How much clearer can I make it???

    • Freddy - are you ok? Really, are these posts some sort of cry for help? We get it - you like BBBY. However, your posts seem mostly designed to bait others. WE know that you are aware of your own irrationally optimistic view of both the broader economy and consumer spending. Regardless of how you think BBBY will do in this downturn (which is a valid discussion) your bubbly posts about COF, and comparing AAPL and GOOG to BBBY etc are just ridiculous. Just bait.

      It seems to me you are lonely. You once stated you eat out almost every night. Do you do this alone? Is your brother nearby? Maybe you should pay him a visit or see a counselor because I've become worried about your mental health.

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      • I am not lonely. I eat out almost every evening (and restaurants here seem to be doing very well). I am not baiting. I am giving information that is helpful to those looking for investment opportunities. AAPL sells higher end consumer goods with tons of competition. BBBY sells nicer consumer goods with no competition. There is definitely a strong link there. My posts for GOOG doing well are show the market will rise thus bring BBBY up with it.

    • How's this supposed to add to the discussion? So you're brother bot the stock cuz you told him so. So what?

    • I simply don't believe you any more.

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