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  • NJnut34 NJnut34 Oct 19, 2000 3:40 PM Flag


    how can you say lin is a better buy than
    if you look at strictly p/e then maybe it is but i
    take into account history of how the stock price has
    performed and my own feeling of what store i rather shop
    to tell you the truth i rather shop in bbby.
    has changed there store formats around so much
    lately, while bbby has kept the same store format around
    since i remember.
    there is a new lin store that just
    opened and i was amazed that it looks like a bbby
    so i guess lin is conceding that bbby has the better
    store format.
    to me bbby is the market leader and is
    way ahead of lin. P/e or no p/e my money is staying
    with bbby

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    • I rest my case. Still more room for Lin...good day for bbby too.

      • 1 Reply to chickeneyedhorsedog
      • Maybe here's the reason why BBBY always has been
        and probably always will be a better buy than
        LIN...What do you weigh heavier- possible "room" to grow
        (LIN), or past history/ current
        trend/management/culture? (BBBY)

        LIN might have the lower/better P/E
        ratio, but look at these #'s and decide...

        52 wk
        LIN- -30.2

        All based on last 12

        Profit margin
        BBBY- 6.9
        LIN- 4.0

        BBBY- 11.0
        LIN- 6.5

        Return on Assets
        LIN- 8.20

        Return on Earnings
        LIN- 15.16

        Cash available
        LIN- 6.0M

        And I believe Stink called out to any
        newcomers that the co-ceo's take profits a few times every
        year...(with the # of shares they own & recv as options,
        they'd be foolish not to). So shorters or "proppers"
        might look to scare you with "insider's are dumping you
        better get out too" tactics, but this is normal- look at
        the history of the insiders.

        I've shopped
        both stores, and merchandising & customer service were
        FAR better in BBBY, probably why they are the market
        leader. Factor in past performance (when was the last
        time they missed a quarter?), continued SUPERIOR
        management (the numbers DON'T lie), much better Web
        presence, etc., and the answer's easy for me...BBBY is the
        better company & as such, the better buy, and where I
        would put my money, LONG term.

        Just MHO of

    • i_am_stalking_your_sister i_am_stalking_your_sister Oct 20, 2000 10:26 AM Flag

      The reason I dumped BBBY for LIN is market
      conditions. Stocks go up 2 ways, company grows earnings or
      brand value increases (basically a P/E multiplier).
      Both companies have the first thing going. As for the
      market leader brand value justifying high P/E's....maybe
      in the early phases of a bull market, but by
      historical standards I think it is risky to assume that high
      valuations will continue. Maybe not. It is a risk issue for
      me. BBBY is higher risk, so you deserve higher
      rewards if the market rages on. Good luck with it, I'm
      too squeamish. I want a probable 10%+ return, without
      risking 50% loss. Such a loss could occur for BBBY if Q4

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