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  • buyhysellhyer buyhysellhyer Jan 23, 2012 5:28 PM Flag

    Enrollment Update

    NWBO needs to learn from IMUC. Nice update that contains the actual number of patients enrolled. What a novel idea, you would think it is top secret info the way NWBO guards it.........

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    • Presumably a simple update would help the stock, especially if the previous poster was correct that his mother was 65th or 68th sign up. Market hates uncertainty. Can't see how that info gives up any competitive edge. The trial results are gonna be the trial results and the trial will done when it's done. Neither IMUC or NWBO will move any faster or slower based on the release of NWBO's current enrollment numbers. ah well.

    • I'm sure nwbo will have an update in a few months, Considering they have survived so many financial hurdles. I have faith in the research, and I have put a consideral amount of my retirement into nwbo. I don't think I'm beating a one legged dead horse, just have to wait and see, anways june is right around the corner and we should get results by then.

    • I saw this article earlier this morning also and my first reaction was holy cow 115 patients and how many sites? As positive as I am with NWBO, Im Sad to say that I am taking some losses and reducing my NWBO position to 50%. Both ichnologies are good but IMUC Is just moving to rapidly. It is a race to the finish and if IMUC getss the trophy first, NWBO will get theirs in Europe- where IMUC failed to venture out to. I guess you could say that it's a win win situation. JMHO

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      • You're opinion is a valid one. I will rethink over a course of time as I own both these stocks with a larger weighting to NWBO. I would however stress, ICT-107 has enrolled well in phase II but there are no assurances now that the treatment protocol isn't being adjusted, contrary to the way NWBO has verified DCVax-L is undergoing exactly the same routine and hopefully like results to phase I trials. My own opinion also, but looking at the list of clinics for ICT-107, I would speculate those are the types of institutions that would put their own stamp on the procedure.

        And secondly, all indications are that NWBio intends to bring this to market with suitable results from Phase II. ImmunoC Ther is on record as seeking partnership and verifying results with additional expanded Phase III pivotal trial(s).

      • I guess it's possible that IMUC's apparently rapid progress in trial has depressed pps of NWBO.

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