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  • csr1223 csr1223 Mar 20, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    Roth presentation


    check out Linda Power's excellent presentation at the Roth conference today.

    Good news on designation of the phase III brain tumor trial being "adopted" as a national priority trial in the UK qualifying hospitals for cash to help expedite and offset the costs of the trials.

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    • That's very exciting update with loads of new info. This will renew immune therapy as a hopeful approach to fight cancer. Latest news also reports complete remission of leukemia by targeted immune therapy:

      Targeted Cell-Based Immune Therapy at Sloan-Kettering Leads to Complete Remission in Five Patients with Deadly Leukemia
      Thu, 03/21/2013 - 10:16 — bioquicknews
      Doctors have traditionally had limited treatment options to offer adults with B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), a rapidly progressing form of blood cancer. The disease often returns, or relapses, after initial treatment with chemotherapy. At that point, patients are often resistant to additional chemotherapy and poor candidates for stem cell transplantation, which is usually effective only if the disease is in complete remission. Now Memorial Sloan-Kettering investigators report that genetically modified immune cells have shown great promise in killing the cancer cells of patients with relapsed B cell ALL. In fact, all five of the patients who have received the new therapy – known as targeted immunotherapy – have gone into complete remission, with no detectable cancer cells. The results of this ongoing clinical trial were reported online on March 20, 2013 in the journal Science Translational Medicine. “This is a very exciting finding for patients with B cell ALL and a major achievement in the field of targeted immunotherapy,” says Dr. Michel Sadelain, Director of Memorial Sloan-Kettering’s Center for Cell Engineering, who led the study along with medical oncologist Dr. Renier J. Brentjens. Targeted immunotherapy is aimed at instructing the immune system to recognize and attack tumor cells.

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      • I believe that this new research on training cells in the immunotherapy is a blockbuster in the medical field. It is showing up more and more in many studies like this. I also believe that NWBO is far ahead of anyone in this field of study IMHO. They have been in it by far longer than anyone else, at least as far as I have found. The best part is there is great hope for the people who are getting cancer and now we are close to a cure.

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    • thingsthatmakeyougohmmmmm thingsthatmakeyougohmmmmm Mar 21, 2013 12:53 PM Flag

      My only wish is they would pay someone to update their butt ugly web site. The presentation slides also look like they are using the same "designer". And while I applaud Linda for giving a good presentation, her style is a bit too homesy. Who talks about 'generals' and 'marching orders' when giving a biotech presentation? She's not speaking to a bunch of 8th graders.

    • The DCVax-L Phase III trial was in the process of being adopted when Linda made her last presentation in mid-February. It's come through now and that is very good news. Apart from the support that the trial receives from this decision, it is one more endorsement of the DCVax platform. The UK will also be key in the DCVax-Direct trials. So, an endorsement by which a trial is adopted as a national priority is really a big positive.

      I do hope we get some news out of Germany in the coming weeks. And I'm not talking compassionate use or re-imbursement here - those are big decisions and likley to take time. Just the go-ahead for the DCVax-L Phase III trial. We have the entire machinary primed to move there - a strong partnership with Fraunhofer, manufacturing readiness, 24 centres identified for enrollment, support from the oncology community and brain cancer specialists, the grant from the German bank that would reduce our financial committment by half, an independent CEO who can get things moving and take some load off Linda, and a trial that has already been designated as Phase III by the US FDA and the UK MHRA. We just need the German PEI to give the go-ahead so this entire machinery can be cranked up and pressed into service. It would also be NWBO firing off on one more very important front.

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    • AND dcvax gbm patient survival 10 years plus!

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