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  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Jun 5, 2013 7:16 PM Flag

    Anni let's look at the facts

    NWBO is once again broke. Now you won't admit this because you are long but it is true. They raised 10 million at the end of March. They did so with 0 money in the bank. They raised 10 million dollars. Now if you know how to read a financial statement, which I don't think you do, you will see they burn about 3 million a month. Thus, the last raise gave them breathing room for 3 months. In a rather disingenuous manner, they issued a PR stating DCVax Direct would commence within 60 days. This PR came out about a week before the secondary and now in retrospect was issued to juice the stock to get the price higher for the secondary. 60 days have come and gone. We are closer to 100 days and no word. But more importantly, the 10 million has also come and gone. As if they burn 3 million a month and the monies came at the end of March, then by mid July NWBO will go back to capital markets and they will do so on the backs of the retail investor. Again, the company has DESTROYED investor wealth because they are inept. The stock price is down 85% in about 2 years. Is that good? Should people rejoice? I don't understand why you can't admit what is apparent.

    As for Germany, the grant from SAB does little good if they government does not green light the trial. Moreover, enrollment numbers were based on Germany being on line. Absent Germany there is no way enrollment is complete in 2014. Now use your head, if the company burns 3 million a month and enrollment will not be complete until end of 2014 then you have about a year and half or 18 months or another 60 million dollars. This is why they filed an S1 for 100 million. They have already drawn 10 million. Look for another raise in about a month. Absent some news that raise will be done closer to 3.50 with warrants at 4. Each raise is done at lower and lower prices. Don't blame me. I am not management. I am not the one who can't garner any institutional support. I am not the one who can't get any

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    • *ignore* you are always complaining about the timeline over and over afzien, while every other poster here is bringing out new thoughts or facts

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    • Some of your points I can agree with, But I think we will have to get more cash and if they don't release some type of possitive update you might be right about the 3.50 new offering.I have a descent investment myself and think management owes investors some type of update that isn't the same old news they always repeat. It is good news but nothing new for many months . They need to clear up the Germany partnership with a date to come aboard and get the centers open ,and an update on enrollment. It is owed to all the shareholders. I been investing here for two years now as many here have or longer. I hope there are no warrents in the next offering myself. Don't forget we still have a low share count at 30 mil. Just get enough cash to get these two studies to a point where they can release a patient update that is on the new patients enrolled in the last year and this share price will go up rapidly and actually hold for more than a couple of weeks. Good luck chess but you should maybe consider being a little nicer to Anni at times. Peace as always Chess

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      • Ok I'll be nicer. But I haven't really said anything untoward. She just killse with that "Goldman Sachs is on board you better be too!". I wish NWBO had some institutional support. All we got is a beat up old analyst. Anyway, something smells with this company. I subscribe to the theory if it's too good be true in the stock market it often is. It's a collorary to AF's theory: institutions don't pass up on a good ting. The NWBO story is out there. It's been vetted. And nobody is buying. Why? I guess we will find out soon enough. Just hope it won't be too late.

    • institutional support. Now perhaps the time has come to ask, why? Why does not one reputable firm cover the company? Let's start with the prostate trial as that is the easiest one to dismiss. The company has talked for years about finding a partner. The data is stale and quite frankly based on a very small phase i/ii trial. Nobody is interested in this. Regarding DCVax Direct, the question at Marcum was a poignant one: Others have tried this and it has failed. The response from the company: We have a special sauce. Hmmmm they have a method of maturing DCs so they are neither too young or too old. And where are the academic peer reviewed articles that support this? In fact, where are the academic articles highlighting the pre-clinical studies? You can't find them because there are none. What you have is a company saying: We BELIEVE this will work. Now granted, the FDA has green lighted the trial. But results from this despite the company's claims won't be known until next year, perhaps even later given the constant delays. Moreover, as the audience member noted: This has been tried and failed miserably every time! The idea that NWBO has discovered the secret sauce is laughable-- and not one peer reviewed journal article to support this assertion, not one analyst to support it, only Anni. In my opinion, this was a mistake. They should have taken Sabby's 10 million and put it to work on the Phase III GBM trial. The chances of this phase I/ii trial showing any significance is about 0. You simply can't extrapolate anything from mice, even engineered mice. This is a trial a company with excess capital has the luxury of conducting-- NWBO with it's share price at 3.50 (about .20 cents pre-split) does not have this luxury! Now on the the Phase III trial...

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      • The Phase III trial has been going on now for years. On and off, on and off. I believe the company when they say the economy was in part to blame. But it is also clear they are having trouble recruiting. Perhaps the competition for GBM patients in the US is intense. Perhaps the procedure i.e., you must enroll before resection is the problem. I don't know. But it has been a long arduous process and it was for this reason the company went to Europe, a place where the competition was less intense. They spent 2 years getting FZI certified as well as Kings College and this was done with the expectation that about a dozen German hospitals would be on line sometime in the first quarter. We are now 3 weeks from the end of the 2nd quarter and there is nothing but silence. At what point do you begin to question what is happening? Remember, the company had said that enrollment would be complete 1st quarter of 2014 based on Germany being on line 1st quarter 2013. How can this happen when in a few weeks we are in the 3rd quarter of 2013 and there is no word? You mention compassionate use, look at the recent 10K there are 0 revenues! Unless they are buying the compassionate use revenues, there are no compassionate use cases. If they are burying the revenues say in R&D then the question is why bury them unless they are so nominal? The company, moreover, stated that Germany would make a decision on compassionate use by the end of January, 2013. Again, silence. No decision? Were they denied? Who knows.

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