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  • klg144 klg144 Jul 12, 2013 4:46 PM Flag

    Born and bred in Microcephalia

    For some time now our game-names poster has distributed his loads of non-enlightening observations to the many investing hopefuls who read this board. He has made absolutely no contribution to whatever discussions have taken place on this forum, and what he has written is filled with scorn bordering on vituperation as well as stupidity. It should be obvious to all that for whatever he is attempting to do in his negative, nay destructive pursuit, he only harms his own reputation, a purveyor of garbage!
    I repeat an earlier post: take heart and have patience, investors. Pay no attention to the naysayer; as test results come into the public domain, we shall learn who has the last laugh...

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    • I agree as well. Would you think the American Brain Tumor Association would allow a scam company, or a company with a hopeless treatment for brain cancer, to sponsor their Family day in July? I don't think so.
      Two people still alive after 10 years, maybe other people are nearing 10 years of survival as well. UK priority phase 3 trial, 5.5million dollar German government grant, Morgan Stanly taking up NWBO in their MSCI microcap index, ...

      If NWBO wouldn't be such a treat to all conservative cancer treatment (chemo, radiotherapy) it would already be above $15. Patience will be rewarded: this will be $50+ after FDA approval.

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    • I agree with you. NWBO is on the last hoo ha they have. 6 to 8 months from now they either have something of big value or it's just a sham. There will be no gray area.

      I'm guessing they will be successful. If not, they fooled A LOT of very smart people who run some of the best hospitals/cancer centers in the world and Powers will have lost A LOT of money.

      With that said, take an anonymous message board poster with a grain of salt because there are a lot smarter people than him giving this a go. They wouldn't risk their reputation much less their patients lives if they didn't believe the science was there to support this technology.

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