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  • chessnotcheckersed chessnotcheckersed Nov 7, 2013 9:49 AM Flag

    I have been bearish on the stock for 6 months ... I told you ... I was right but yet you still ridicule....

    Strange.. Why not say, good call. Wish I listened to you. Market is at all time highs and NWBO multi year lows. Moreover, they are broke. Think about that. Most companies do a raise when the stock goes higher not lower. You know they need money. They had 1.6 million at the end of June. They raised 15 in July and brought home maybe 13 after fees and payment of a loan. They were burning 3 million a month when they were not paying Cognate. If they are paying 1/2 cash to Cognate now and Cognate is 2 million a month (read the Q) then they are least burning 4 million a month. The German grant was dollar in dollar out (you need to spend a dollar to get a dollar). 4 Million a month when they had 13 means that got at most 3 to 4 months. JULY AUGUST SEPT OCT... They are running on fumes. Its not the end of the world but expect a secondary. That is why the volume is where it is. They leaked it to their favorite investors. They are bailing. The Secondary will be announced before the Q as this is what they have done now 2 times in a row. It will be priced below 3 is my guess or maybe 3 bucks. Then that will be that.

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    • Where are you today chessnotcheckersed?

    • Really?, You expect people to say good call when you come on the NWBO investor board and call them fools? You're prognosis is probably right on, but don't expect NWBO investors to congratulate you when their losing money now and you're rubbing their nose in it. I sold my position to wait out some positive news even if it means a higher entry point, because if either vaccine works there will still be plenty of time to make money off the stock with much less risk. Seems like you get pleasure off other people losing money because everyone should have listened to you and their a bunch of fools. Just don't come back here gloating if this stock tanks because you were right and think you're some kind of genius. The odds favor more stock offerings and possible Direct failure before things get off the ground with L which is why I'm on the sidelines.

    • jeh2260 Nov 7, 2013 3:21 PM Flag

      You think it takes a genius to figure they need financing. Anybody can figure that out numbnuts. If you don't believe in the science then don't buy #$%$.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Chess, you keep warning of financing and their dilution over and over. You are often right on this as that is the norm with most small cap biotechs. But this is to be expected when you invest in this sector. What makes or breaks the investment is whether the company succeeds in developing the product or not, not the needed financings to finance the development of the product - they are a neccessary evil that must happen in most cases. Longs feel that the rewards for successful development of the end product far outway the risks due to the dilution caused by the needed periodical financings. They are not a secret that management tries to hide from the investors.

    • Your trollishness knows no bounds. Saying the company is going to need to raise money is like saying the sun is going to rise. And stop yelling about the markets being at an all time high. This is biotech, the only companies that will follow the market are the companies that have revenue. Clinical stage biotechs as a majority are all the same, i.e. raise money, burn money, raise more money, burn more money. Everyone here knows the risks. And for a company with a phase III and less than 40 million shares, that's a pretty phenomenal risk/reward scenario.

      By the way, for the last 3 months you have been screaming they would have to raise money by the end of seems that has come and gone. You may want to re-evaluate your cash burn model.

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      • Interesting NWBO is up $.24 about 8% and market is down over 100 points!

        Sentiment: Strong Buy

      • Amen jwillie06!! He screams the same BS month after month after month. He posts under many aliases that all seem to appear when he reappears! This stock has been trading in this range for quite some time, it will settle around 3.12 and then move up to 3.48-3.58, and so on. He mentions IMUC which does the same range trading......when its down he doesn't say a word but if it trends up he's screaming I told you so.

        He has one purpose, trying to squeak out a few more pennies to the short side and then right back on the long side. If he wasn't such a devious immature little piggy about it, most would say good trader but I for one can't wait till he's on the outside of a huge run, caused of course by some new news!! PS we can afford to do another raise, even at these prices with such a small float CHESSHEAD!

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