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  • arodbronx arodbronx Nov 18, 2013 7:48 PM Flag

    Financing Imminent

    Let me tell you what I see happening with this stock. The company’s 10-Q filed three days ago shows it ended the third quarter with total current assets of $7.5 million and total current liabilities of $17.2 million. Total cash equaled $2.86 million. NWBO is functionally insolvent. It desperately needs to raise cash.

    Now seemingly out of the blue, there’s a feature story on Fox about DCVax. Zero chance Fox hunted down this story, 100% probability the story was brought to Fox by NWBO. The stock, which was languishing at around $3.20 before the story, now starts shooting up on heavy volume. Add in a couple Seeking Alpha pumps, and a few days later the stock is at $5.70, a 75% run on no real news.

    What does this 75% run have to do with the company being broke? I can almost guarantee you a massive, dilutive financing is already in place. This run is a major head fake being shorted by those in the know and the company will very soon announce the financing. The share price will then collapse. This is biotech 101.

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    • I actually wrote a long post questioning the 10Q. Anyone that can read, knew that they needed cash badly. But since the stick was moving up, I didn't post it because I knew the longs would not care. And I would be bashed as a short. I do feel the move up carefully orchestrated to suck in the momentum players. I suspect the big funds pushed the stock up but hedged with options.

    • Same sentiments as I had. Didn't I call this to happen this week between Tues & Thurs. My only regret was getting out too soon. Guess I underestimated the power of Fox Business News. Need to start paying attention to them. Who's Fox pumping next? Maybe I'll buy that next.

    • Welll it looks like you hit the nail on the head on this one. I mentioned on another board that they will be announcing financing this week as it was pretty obvious what was going to happen. They are used to raising cash in small amounts so they can scrape by for a couple more months. They needed some big pump piece (fox news piece) so they can try to get some interest for a much larger dilution this time. Like you said this will be much larger than their typical 10 million dollar raise. I know investors here dream of their $300 dollar stock someday but when a company is run like this it will unfortunetely never happen. It has been one shady thing after another with NWBO. Why no update on enrollement? NWBO stated in March that they are enrolling 22 patients a month so according to this data it should take a total of 3.5 years to fully enroll their 300 patients. Why has it taken over 10 years and is still enrolling? Sorry everyone but this thing will come down just as fast as it went up.

    • Don't you guy's know the rule to investing?Any stock not worth over a 300million market cap by now almost always fails!Wake up!Swithch over to Imuc or another company with large near term upside on the horizone

    • Good call

    • It is not biotech 101, it is biotech that does not even on its own website (which when I looked several days ago was embarrassing amateurish ) list any details with respect to PFS ORR; and ANY clinically meaningful or significant trial data with respect to treatment versus control arms; They target indiscriminately all different markers simultaneously in GBM. BULL! Sorry, I don't give a damn how "impressive" some make this to be, the only real test will be with carefully defined control and treatment arms and double-blinded, which they MUST do in III. They do not have the money. It's share count is into beyond the outer limits. Yep, there's tremendous inside buying OKAY right 10M+ by the CEO who is the head of a co out of a box in MD with a total employee count of 2! BULL

    • Your intuition about the secondary seemed to be correct.

    • Sorry.

    • arod.dont max out your EBT card.

    • as usual u are talking rubbish.
      The fox news presenters are very qualified, do some DD
      all this company ever needed was publicity.
      the trail results and data speak for themselves.
      King Collage, Franhofer,MD Anderson........
      Mate what else and who else do you want to tell you this treatment could be special.
      Sure there will be a raising but with the likes of Franklin Templeton taking a big stake it will be very likely
      over subscribed and show a very strong share holder base.
      Go away or talk about DATA and PARTNERSHIPS.

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