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  • buyim200 buyim200 Nov 26, 2013 12:37 PM Flag

    The 5 $ warrents are trading at 3.45, huge premium , stock goes to 7 short term

    the premium in the 5 $ option tell u the stock is goijng much higher, dont listen this 4.80 #$%$, that stock was tucked away and swing traders r long gone on the first day

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    • I've been waiting for the right price but it scares me when you have either paid pumpers working the boards or folks who have very little understanding also trying to push up the stock with nonsense. The warrants are extraordinarily illiquid and the bid/ask spread extremely wide, so the huge premium tells you almost nothing. (The only value of the warrant price, in my opinion, is it gives you some sense of what the latest buyers of the units paid for the stock itself.) Moreover, since they still have four years till expiration, they tell you nothing about the short term. Stocks like NWBO are purely speculative so the notion of predicting where the stock is going near-term is complete garbage. That doesn't mean you should stay away, but you should try to pay as little as possible to minimize the loss if it goes to zero.

    • should buy more.

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