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  • onesmalldiggerdog onesmalldiggerdog Jun 21, 2014 8:30 AM Flag

    Fellow NWBO Investors,You are LISTENING to the wronge People!


    It does not matter what AL, Cramer, Buzdar, MD Anderson or even Linda are saying.
    All you need to listen to is what the Trial Patients are saying.
    And they SAY they are FEELING SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER while undergoing the treatment.
    Find me another Cancer Treatment where the Patients are saying that and
    I will sell my NWBO stock, until then I think I will just retire with this one.

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    • ones.I am long NWBO and I agree with you.Take a look at GERN.How some people talk or look means nothing.I only care about results.One exception.That HEINRICH HIMMLER lookalike AF.I think he is a psycho.

    • Sorry to be too much of a scientist here but there is such a thing as "the placebo effect." People under new, experimental treatment can feel better because they so disparately want to feel better. Who can blame them! But that is exactly what all this discussion is about. This is not a double blind study and we should not be reading too much into what's been reported so far. These are simply case reports which give a lot of hope that NWBO is headed in the right direction. And believe me, I hope as much as anyone that they are as I am long NWBO and this would really be a great leap in our fight against cancer. But we should all be investing knowing the limitations of the information (not "data") that has been reported so far.

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      • If people with metastatic terminal cancer all at once halt their cancer and all of the cancer cells are killed in a tumor and they were given a placebo... Please show me one. I want to see it. If you are a scientist then you have your facts right? How many people have been given a placebo during this stage of cancer. The only option being Palliative care awaiting heavens gate.

        That my friend would be a miracle. To go into remission from this condition for no other reason but the power of thought that is divine.

        And I am betting that you will not find any studies if you look because no trial would let a patient into in this condition. This study is taking people from the brink and stopping them and hopefully reversing their path.

        If you want to create a blind arm in such a patient group then I question your humanity. Cause their train is nearly at the station and their is no time to play games.

      • As far as I know, placebo effect doesn't increase infiltration of tumors by a stimulated immune system.

      • Buy,
        Finally someone who gets it. Nice post!!!

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