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  • kersh31 kersh31 Sep 14, 2011 1:03 AM Flag

    Solar company to file for bankruptcy despite $535 million loan guarantee

    Solar company to file for bankruptcy despite $535 million loan guarantee.

    I know a company that could've used the $535 million. I guess the good news is that the DOE is still stupid enough to throw more money into clean energy startups.

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    • Kersch, if you remember Hoku said thewre were too many strings attatched to the Goverment Loan garantees.

      I think prepayments and the collaterall/security for the prepayments were the issue.

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      • It would have been much more green, had they given 535 people, a million dollars each, if they all agreed not to drive a car for 5 years.

        I would have signed up.

        Or they could have given 2,675,000 people, 200 bucks each, to insulate attics.

      • Are you in denial? read unbelievable's post and not just the article and you can see teabaggers and republicans DON"T WANT SOLAR,WIND or any alternative energy. You can play dumb about this, but the fact are their.
        I told you to look at bills blocked by republicans, are you just going to ignore it and play stupid?
        They want fossil fuels and coal, more drilling, GAS is here to stay with this party.
        Obama and demorcrats are the only ones supporting green energy and protect EPA standards.
        Read the post "unbelievable" Also,
        Solyndra went bankrupt because of competition from Chinese companies which receive far more generous government subsidies, enabling Chinese solar companies to undersell their American competitors. The Los Angeles Times fails to note that the Tea Party movement as well as the GOP is funded by oil companies; therefore, it is rather naïve to believe that a House investigation will be honest or straight-forward.

        The lessons that should be learned are simple. We must re-examine our trade deals. We must penalize Chinese companies which use unfair marketing finances. In addition, global climate change is a scientifically-proven reality. We must break our addiction to fossil fuels. Rather than attacking Obama for advocating green tech, let's attack the GOP who want to keep us addicted to filthy and destructive fossil fuel.

      • and their prismatic lens was added expense per panel. Price was 3X the cost of high efficiency mono-poly. They were too far ahead of their time and couldn't get costs down. Maybe the technology will be rediscovered in the future and costs cut. ARPA does this all the time with their shotgun approach to skinning cats. $500-M loss out of $15.5-B spent equates to about a 3% loss. Not every pellet hits the target.

    • I agree it's better to have the chinese loose thier azz, like in hoku, than the US
      Obama should've never invested in solar and the republicans don't want it. So it's DOA in the US

    • This is a corruption issue. Nobody goes through half a billion with nothing to show for it. FBI raids at headquarters and peoples homes tell all. It will probably also haunt the Obama admin.

      Plus, it's becoming clearer every day that thin-film is a problem. Solar firms going down are all thin-filmers.

      Better cover soon because we're within a few weeks of plant startup.

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