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  • mayerbci mayerbci Nov 17, 2011 2:51 PM Flag

    It's coming to an end for HOKU

    I hate to say it but HOKU was an awful investment. Buried is an understatement and all you can hope for is a time where it runs up to unload.

    The only bright side is it's slipping large percentages on slight volume.

    This looks bad and it is bad. Best case scenario is to salvage some cash. Worst case looks like zero.

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    • Couldn't disagree more. I have gotten hammered, but I still think it will come back, and here is why.

      If you read between the lines, this is an opportunity for Tienwei to enter the solar panel market in North America. Keep in mind that there are two, possible three different components to Hoku, Hoku Solar, Hoku Materials, and still the Fuel Cell component on moth balls. The materials side has been a disaster, yet the loans keep coming. They now have a solar branch in California that expects to start getting contracts soon, and the old part of the company continues to plug away, all be it, a small part of the company now.

      As soon as the plant starts up, they can concentrate on the solar panel side of the company. With poly prices so low, they may not make a lot, or any money short term, but Hoku, I don't believe will end up like Solyndra. The dynamics are much different.

      So I plan on holding (and cursing) until things turn around.

    • You never know, you may be right.

      I see it as the MM's running it down, then buying it up.

      It's an old trick, from the crooks on Wall street.

      Watch them buy it up now.

      And name one brand new poli plant, completed, then they all walked away, without even firing it up.

      Remember, CHINA.