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  • imd85 imd85 Feb 5, 2005 12:45 PM Flag

    A legacy of failure!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OK, I think you made your point.

    I agree that the Chairman should not take $1 more out of this business. I would favor that move and offer stock options.

    I dont have a problem with the CEO and COO salary. Their performance is another issue. Until large institutional holders raise hell I dont think much else will happen. I listened to the CC and it was poorly attended.

    I do have a problem with the stock performance grants given in October. This giveaway of company shares does little to incentivize management. Make them options and that puts management more firmly alligned with stock holders.

    What happened to the stock repurchase plan announced last quarter? Not one share repurchased. Well! Maybe we will see it now???

    I figured roughly at the end of the first quarter given an outstanding share number of 78 mil (per CFO in call) a loss of .12 per share and an increase in maint revenues for renewals that net cash will be about 3.07 per share. At year end 2003 we had 3.47 cash per share. Clearly, we are in trouble, although at this pace, the decay could take years.

    Karen needs to get serious about cost containment or growth. One or the other. If she doesnt believe she can grow the business then she should sell it now. As for being an investor, I will wait for a further drop. If it doesnt happen so be it. I wont chase a weak, apathetic story at this time.

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    • Good intelligent response!

      The real problem with their business is that they are marketing the SAME software product that flopped in 2003 and 2004. The chance for a surprising upside becomes more remote with the SAME FAILED SOFTWARE PRODUCT over succeeding years!

      So where does EPNY go from here? Given the fact that Karen refuses to cut management salaries and rework the company's business plan, the drain on that huge cash position will continue in years to come (or as long as Karen is there). I see no hope of Karen making any changes. Look forward to more bleeding over subsequent quarters.

      Rank & file employees will bear the brunt of Karen's cost cutting while the top dogs in management continue to party on.

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      • Since top guys can't sell the product, I think top guys should cut costs including big layoffs and reducing their own big salary and sold the business at a premium price. As a shareholder, I'll suggest the board to pay sum of salaries of $1 to three of top guys with decent commissions. If they are competent to sell the business at a big premium, they deserve to get a great resonable commission.

        Almost everything in this world eventually become a commordity. Since CRM software can increase productity and decrease business cost, it will be here to stay. epny's products need be reengineered/remarketed by srong hands, such as orcl,sebl,msft,ibm,aapl,ca,symc,..., to make it shined in the CRM world.