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  • hpeter43 hpeter43 Mar 2, 2005 11:41 PM Flag

    The BLUE deal

    BLUE was bought out for $54 million. The company reported cash of $32.9 million. Hence, the buyer was paying $21.1 million for BLUE's CRM biz, That biz booked $28.3 million in 2004 and like EPNY lost money.

    In a nutshell, BLUE was sold for LESS THAN 1 X SALES!!!!!!!!!! The NOL carryforward, if factored out of the deal probably would put the buyout at somewhere in the .4 or .5 X SALES range. Tech companies usually get buyouts in the 2 to 4 X SALES range!!

    EPNY shareholders ought to upchuck at this deal (it is a comp or benchmark for a EPNY buyout). It says that the money losing CRM biz is virtually without value!!

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    • This boards like the movie Groundhog Day.

    • You hit it on the head somewhat.

      Most good salespeople know when there is no chance in hell selling a product.
      So that also plays here.

      Yes, they could entice good people in many ways and a gambling person might take a chance.
      There are good people out there from place other than SEBL, ORCL/PSFT and SAP.
      Actually they need someone used to beong the underdog and a risk taker.

      Other than that plan on Karen collecting a fat check until the well runs dry.

      Could make a sad cowboy song out of that last line!!!

    • Mackenzie is a pretty big stock holder here as well. You would think he would have a vested interest in shaking it up or pushing for a sale or merger with someone.

      Fred would have some deep pockets to chase after if fiduciary responsibility isnt followed here.

      You would think they and at least one institutional holder would be rattling the cage.

      Looks like somebody tried to grab some shares this morning.

      Again, look for value and hope common sense prevails.

    • When a BOD fails to act it is usually a sign that they just don't care. How much longer will their ethics allow them to watch this company slide. If EPNY only had $25 million in the bank what would they do? That's the question and that's how a BOD should think, IMHO.

      So what with this Ashok. Check out his background. He's got NO experience in SELLING SOFTWARE. Seems to me this company needs software sales people that know how to sell into large acocunts and who have the ability to get and CLOSE multimillion SOFTWARE deals. So hiring a guy with no software sales experiences doesn't seem like the anser to EPNY woes. Getting the sales team to perform better is. Hell, find some but kickers that can sell ice cubes to eskimos.

      Just look at the financials and listen to the earnings calls. Decreasing software sales and Karen doesn't even say how many sales reps they have at this point. Omission would indicate that there aren't that many. From there an analyst does the math on industry quota's per rep and uses industry guides on % of reps reaching quota to come up with a lic forecast. Fewer reps means lower Software sales. Not good.

      I would imagine they went out and tried to find a leading sales guy/gal from SAP, SEBL, or ORCL/PSFT. They couldn't get one so they hired Ashok. I would assume a they tried to get someone like that but the smart folks in the industry they tried to get wouldn't come aboard. Gee, I wonder why?

      Just conjecture.

    • Here is YOUR Board. Siboni is Chair and the remaining four are outside Directors. If they turn on Siboni, you have got a chance. However, what is the likelihood of that happening? Slim and None!! Joss the Dean of Stanford's Business School MUST know what's happening and yet we see no change. That's not a good indication of the mindset of this Board!

      Roger Siboni
      Chairman of the Board of Directors, Epiphany

      Fred D. Anderson
      Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Apple Computer

      Mohan Gyani
      Former President and Chief Executive Officer, AT&T Wireless Mobility Group

      Robert L. Joss
      Dean of Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

      Doug Mackenzie
      Partner, Kleiner Perkins

      What YOU can do is write the outside Directors (omit Siboni) and express your concern and CC ALL of the institutional folks!

    • Phish:

      It is there for all to see, but the BOD, who supposedly represent shareholders, do nothing - month after month, qtr after qtr.

      They are asleep on their watch, and there is zero accountibility on both the Board and the management team at EPNY.

      There is no hope with the current structure.


    • It's absolutely disgusting that they can get away with nothing short of theft.

      Welcome to business...valley style!!!

      Where are the sharholders!!!

      You folks don't see this?


    • The problem is that management has no motivation to sell the company. Their golden parachutes don't compare to the possibility of continuing to draw outrageous salaries for years to come. I think that this corpse can be kept on life support for 5-6 years!

    • That doesnt make any sense for a three or four years, in terms of going to the pink sheets or anything. They have to much cash and no debt.

      And that is the problem, current management can milk this dry.

      Ultimately, you hope that mangagement will sell the company before desparation sets in.

    • they will make something happen by voting with their feet making a stampede to the exits...then you will see your investment in the pink sheets

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