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  • cohsgrad cohsgrad Apr 19, 2001 1:44 PM Flag

    BBSW & KANA Merger...

    Good question. Unfortunately I don't really know, but BBSW management indicated that they didn't even consider EPNY to be close to the same league. He would have had more credibility had he not said their products are more along the lines of SEBL.

    There is a guy on the BBSW board; memorybroker, who is fairly knowledgeable. He might be able to help, if you won't get bothered by the fact he is long BBSW.

    Always nice to see an intelligent question and of course there is no response.

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    • EPNY
      - Original EPNY = Analytics + Marketing Automation
      - Rightpoint Acquisition = Personalization
      - Octane Acquisition = eService (Tracking)
      - Moss Micro Acquisition = Sales Force Automation

      Kana Software
      - Original BBSW = Analytics
      - Rubric Acquisition = Marketing Automation
      - Servicesoft Acquisition
      - Original Servicesoft = eService (Problem Resolution)
      - Balisoft Acquisition = eService (Web Interaction - Chat, email response, etc.)
      - Original Kana = email response
      - Silknet Acquisition = eService (Tracking)

      Net: Pretty close to equivalent product footprints with Kana being stronger in eService and EPNY being stronger in Sales Force Automation.

      Epiphany has better execution but is over-hyped relative their actual vision, execution and footprint.

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      • Are you in the business?

        Seems like a good summary, BBSW/KANA would likely be a better value from an investment perspective. Are you an investor in either company?

      • Thanks - great work but possibly a couple of errors on the Kana side.

        #1 - ServiceSoft's core competency was really knowledge management.

        #2 - Original Kana made some purchases before Silknet...

        Connectify (permissive based e-mail marketing)
        Business Evolution (Web collaboration)
        Net Dialog (content sensitive FAQs)

        #3 - Silknet made a purchase before being bought by Kana...

        Insight Marketing (virtual sales advisor)

        #4 - Silknet has a J2EE compliant eBusiness platform that you can build custom applications on.

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