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  • DoubleBarrel22 DoubleBarrel22 Mar 24, 2008 11:22 AM Flag

    head count?

    how many people can honestly say this stock is a buy? how many say sell?

    i say with a pending t-mobile or at&t announcement for the usa looming. chalm me up as a buy.

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    • mark_costello Mar 24, 2008 4:20 PM Flag

      Strong Buy. Eventhough, I do not see an AT&T deal in the future. Sprint may be, but I don't bet on AT&T...unless something shocking happens. Though...I would love to see it happen. That would mean employee discount on the N2 for me.

    • For those reasons and a few more I say a buy but I have been called a pumper so my opinion doesn't count.

      With the low float, when an announcement is made with a US carrier (and it will be made), this will triple in a day from this level.

    • buy.
      i know i may seem like i am pumping this stock as much as i post, but i am only posting the facts that i find. I believe this company has a very solid future. It would not surprise me in the least if they get bought out though, which i feel would be a shame considering thier future. this is a highly overlooked and unheard of that is about to make some noise on wall st. Imagine a surfer looking out on the horizon and seeing a big wave before any other surfer on the beach, and then getting into position to ride it. that is where we are. we, a very few, know this wave is even approaching, and we have set ourselves up for the ride. because when this wave approaches land, it will be too late for any others to paddle in considering the low float, it will be like a tsunami.

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