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  • meltdown711 meltdown711 Sep 7, 2012 1:38 PM Flag

    New Kindle w/o Neon

    What is your feeling on this development? It's kind of scared me. I can't sell right now but I can't believe I didn't sell at 7.40 when I had the chance.

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    • Meltdown, you claim the new Kindle is w/o Neonode’s MultiSensing technology. I can't find anything about this on the web. What's your source? Is this privileged knowledge and you know this how? I'm not saying I don't believe you; it's just that no one else has had any luck vetting this.

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      • I noticed this post asking for documentation on the Kindle...Any updates????Please post where the information stating kindle does not have neon technology....I noticed another post earlier last week stating deception is critical to trading...We have had an excellent board..We do not need decpetion..We all know that LSU and Bama are top Sec teams..Look out for the Dawgs!! Auburn who?

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      • I believe because Kindle is now capacitance. But in my opinion that alone does not exclude neonode multisensing technology partnership. Just my opinion but Neonode is IR based but it does not preclude their multisensing protocol technology from being used in concert with capacitance technologies moving forward. Maybe it is not likely but it has not been ruled out and they are holding this close to the vest still today. But Neonode in kindle or not the future remains bright. Also note the long battery life. Neonode were pioneers in that portion along with Texas inst. So could Ir tech merge with actual capacitance and pressure sensing.... my opinion based off of reading and following the tech. It is possible but how likely I am not sure.

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    • During the earnings cc, the ceo stated that their cash balance will be sufficent until they reach profitability. It's apparent they have sufficient visability into the backlog to make this statement. Also, revenue is revenue even if it's NOT from Apple and/or Samsung. There is enough $$ to go around in the marketplace. Then factor in the $9 target by Cantor; the Patent issue and insider buying, I would not want to be short.

    • i think you all should do yourself some good and do your research. Sure ain't the kobo e-reader thats driving revenue! hahaha. AMZN could easily be 30-50% of TOTAL revenue! You know what that means? next few quarters revenue will be uglier than oprah. pipeline is meaningless over next six months and if amzn is switching away from infrared then, here is a thought...maybe infrared ain't the best tech! It will be in cars, tablets, phones you say? ahh, maybe in another year or two! this is dead in the water and going south. CEO buying stock to prop it up doesn't mean a thing. guy is a scientist/researcher who tried to build a cell phone with his technology and got burned. he has no idea how the market will react when #s come out over next few quarters and investors see the pizza pie of revenue has been half eaten...yeah fat amazon no longer at the table and they took their share of the pizza with them...probably half of it! facts are the tech aint elegent like the perfectly flat screen capacitive tech on competing touch screens and consumers pay for pretty things...and guess what...Bezos seems to agree. This is very scary news IMHO. wanna buy more?? you can buy your shares from me. zero sum = you lose and i win when neon goes to a 99 cents.

      Sentiment: Strong Sell

    • you could sell,,, you should move on......

      good luck

    • They have significant other business opportunities in the que.
      If you are scared, sell and move on.

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