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  • dannyrcdd dannyrcdd Oct 25, 2012 9:29 AM Flag

    Curious how many will sell from the reckless S.A. article?

    I am holding because the facts have not changed. Old news without even discussing the facts with the company is wreckless. I noticed on the S.A. article that the author admitted that Neonode IR had tried to contact him. Why do you not go to the source? No clue but the motives will surface I am sure. Nothing changed yesterday with the exception of one bloggers opinion. Maybe some will get a cheaper buy in price but the facts have not changed so why sell? Makes no sense unless you feel your research of the facts are wrong. I am holding all of my shares and if enough start dumping the stock I will be buying. The right call for me hope it is for you.

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    • The stock didn't really get hit hard and recovered quickly...We've been here before and worse, why sell now? Who ever fell for this one just lost. Buy at these levels.

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    • Unfortunately, many. Before dumping shares at the lows, people should at least consider the possibility that the author is part of the 3.6 mm shares already short and is looking for volume to cover at a good price. SA is full of these folks. The one sided regurgitation of old news certainly smells of a hit job.

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    • I'm keeping my shares. Remember you need buyers for the sellers to execute a trade. May be a good opportunity to buy shares at a cheap price. I am long...Just another article from SA that does not make sense.

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