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  • trader.quick trader.quick Nov 2, 2012 10:45 AM Flag

    Remember - Romney is the ant-christ

    state rights is code for racism, hatred, exploitation by good old boy system.

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    • Whatever Romney is,it is better than the coward in there now

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      • It must be time to vote! The messages are becoming emotional and somewhat toxic. Let's face it , we are all on the same team, so whoever wins is our next president, like it or not. We should simply make the best of it and maintain respect for each other as well as our next president. As far as Dems vs Repub's is concerned....If there were no Democratic party and the Republicans had there way, we would have a few people who would own most of this great country, and the rest would struggle. On the other hand, if we have untethered Democratic control of government, we would be a true socialist society and there would be no wealthy entrepreneurs, self made millionaires, etc. We would not learn to strive for financial success and society would suffer in a different way. Without the checks and balances of a 2 party government, our society would progressively swing to the far left or far right.

        IMO, if we don't get the president that "we" want this time, next time will be ours as things will inevitably swing out of balance. IMO, we are presently "a little " out of balance toward the left, which favors a shift to Romney as the next president. If Mr. Obama wins, then we will more dramatically swing to the left over the next 4 years and the following president will rebalance the equation to the right......All IMHO.

        Anyway, just my 2 cents...with full respect to both sides. The real question is...Which president would be better for NEON? That president gets my vote!!!

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