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  • dannyrcdd dannyrcdd Nov 8, 2012 9:01 PM Flag

    My 2 cents worth

    Having followed Neon a pretty good while I can say the big bang if it is ever going to hit should hit pretty soon to a degree? Sink or swim market. Either they are materializing the design wins or we are losing. My hunch is Neonode has know of Amazons interest in private labeling their on touch device. So many want us to believe the execs had no knowledge that Amazon was wanting to move this direction. Yes they knew! They are in the business of righting contracts for future devices not past. ....then the reduction in revenue if drastically different than estimated by them is a disappointing error. Sales missing a sales cycle due to production not caused by Neon what do ya do? a products has a late Q4 then moves to end of Q1 to Q2ship date. Well not much a supplier can do after their product has shipped. Neons projections quantity built and shipped. This entire process has Neon taking end product distributor giving Neonode management forecasting revenue. So my philosophy about this is I can deal with the profit coming the following Q or Year due to these projections. What will alert me is if a large part of the Amazon hole of revenues do not have replacement revenue dollars soon. And the Amazon things was not a surprise to most Neonode investors I know. Many on these boards included have discussed Amazon making this change. Confidentiality agreements likely prohibit Neonode to release any details regarding a suppliers product. It's pretty simple logic.
    I also have an interpretation of managements thoughts towards patent violations. Yes we are aware we have some potential cases. We recognize this and have reached out to a firm to handle this effort for us. Reason being we are not simply a patent play we have a functioning growing business in a booming industry within its technology segment. So as we do see the opportunity that legal action could bring a nice settlement we also have a successful business model that is gaining traction. Yes for crying out loud we lost Amazon but we have a line of design wins and we are confident these are positive indicators to our business model. I am sure the low cost per BOM that Neonodes technology offers may not be a huge advantage to some but in the mass market down and dirty market a cheaper BOM makes a difference. I'm a contractor maybe that's what I should stick to but I assure you if someone wants to sell us a new testing unit for less that will get our attention. Then you tell me it can do the same thing were interested. Neon is small and maybe it's not enough soon enough for some but really unless this is a pyramid scheme how can this stock not hit it out of the park in the near future? Think of that small market cap. A couple of large customer wins and a break through product everyone has to have? I guess you gotta have faith and I guess I just believe in the dream. I am going to meditate and enjoy the evening hope all is well and have a Neon good time ya hear. Also Alabama is the best college football team in the country...... again;) RTR..

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