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  • vinnywillwin vinnywillwin Jan 10, 2013 4:34 PM Flag


    By the looks of it. The big players weren't impressed in Las Vegas .

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    • It's all about revenues...they came out with a new steering wheel touch concept with TI and several car companies are salivating I heard. Impressive I would think, but it is all in the future. I would buy into any dip.

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      • Blondydgirl I liked your comment however I do believe Vinny makes a valid point. I would think that although revenues are not positive YET the steering wheel does not need to be the be all fo Neonode. I love technology and to win you just about always have to be on the cutting edge. The nuts of this issue in my opinion is many Long holders including myself really wanted to see a big name customer.... Or should I say a few big name Teir one customer announcements. Look into the competitors with new products coming out with names like Apple, Samsung etc. In the mobile computing arena we are wanting a big time agreement. The shorts are not stupid.

        Am I changing my view on Neonode? Not at all. It is a winner they biggest unknown is when the company hits that solid run. Such as the domination they had with e-readers. I am noticing with my I-phone the touch screen has some responsive issues. I believe in Neonodes technology but simply put the agreements may not be flashy and the names we as shareholders recognize as the players are not announcening new products with Neonode. The steering wheel is really a cool concept and when the application is tweaked to the individual makers the SP should reflect it. Conceptual ideas are generally only a warm up. No real catalyst until BMW, General Motors, Ford etc comes out with a driving experience built on Neonodes technology.

        That being said as an investor the biggest issue I have is time. Neonode had a bad run with the original N2 phone and investors don't forget or look past financial problems until solid ground is confirmed. I knew we needed Teir 1 announcements and not just having OEMs interest. The shorts that we're betting against Neonode in large majority did not dislike the company or it's technology however they do know that most investors will remain skeptical until revenues turn.
        I am not a stock genius by far but I do understand money and business. SP will bounce on news but to sustain ground gained as blondygirl said Revenues! And from Vinnys point no doubt big money did not walk into CES and say this is a must own stock. I hate it but it looks obvious by the asP.

        I am not waffling I am long and will buy more if the dip is below $4.00. Revenue turns the stock long term not announcements. I believe some may even short the stock now based on the lack of the grand slam type of announcements. But all it takes for this small cap a couple of big wins and the company is on top from a proportion of SP compared to revenue. So as before and in agreement with others I can't spend an idea but I can spend revenue. Neon has the right market segment and I like that management does not just send out PR after PR of bull their announcements are usually substantial. Avoid the smoke and focus on the goal. If you believe don't be swayed if you doubt....position yourself accordingly.

        I get #$%$ at the shorts sometimes when I feel they are pushing the stock down but it is managements responsibility to build a company that is revenue positive and thus less vulnerable to shorting. With the market cap and the business segment Neonode is playing in the SP could sky rocket but only when investors can realize a sound and solid future. It's coming I do believe but dollars weigh more than words.

        Long Neon on technology alone! The lawsuit stuff and this and that do not matter when true success is experienced. Catylast needed to blow the 5.00 calls and it needs to be substantial to really rocket.

        A lot of nothing above but the truth is the above is what and why our sub $5.00 stock is not double digits. Imagine one huge announcement with a few million products by an OEM the Catylast everyone keeps screaming is Apple/Samsung etc fact is the name is less important than what? Yep units and revenues. Would I like the stock to go down short term? I'm mixed I'm a buyer under $4.00 but I will be a frustrated buyer. Play your game and do your research but whatever you do check the facts from this board and any other location. If you want overnight success maybe a casino is better I like playing the odds and by my account long term SP of this small cap will soar. Look at inst investors holdings one year or even 6 months ago. It's not just little guys buying.

        Good luck all and if the lack of articles referenced and this and that turn you off of my post just don't read them. I don't have any inside track I am just doing my part to be a well informed share holder. I have my research and I am still here. I could sell right now every single share of Neon at today's market price and still be green but I still believe we have a gem that after the polishing is complete will be a great long term investment!

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