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  • mfcav01 mfcav01 Jan 12, 2013 2:31 PM Flag

    Neonode in Volvo at CES!

    Go to the Neonode website, click on CES 2013 and scroll down. You will see that Volvo has launched it's "sensus connected touch" at the CES 2013. The fact that it is listed on the Neonode website suggests that they are using Neonode's touch technology. Did I miss this announcement or is this one of those behind the scene deals that won't be announced for OEM competitive reasons?

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    • Looks like everybody caught that Volvo use at the same time. I'm looking for a low cost smart phone manufacturer and more car companies hopefully. Neonode does not have a fit in the the high-end consumer tech world with the aesthetic issues with Z chip Infra-red technology.

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      • What do you make of this short interest of 3 million shares?
        Ok,, I'll officially go on record as I'm now shorting this bloated pig,, Let's ee if this turns us around....

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      • g1u2nt, I am very anxious for the q4 conference call to see if mgmt reiterates their comments from q3. Specifically, Mr. Eriksson stated that they are confident that 2013 revenues will "more than double" that of 2012 and 2014 will more than double revenues of 2013. This with only marginal increase in expenses. So, let's look at these numbers...In 2011, Neon had gross revenues of $6 mill and change with almost $4 mil. occuring in the 4th quarter. In the first 3 quarters of 2012, Neon had gross revenues of $4.8 Mil.. If Q4 revenues come in at $3Mil., then 2012 revenues will total about $9 Mil..Therefore, projected 2013 revenues will be at least double 2012 or $18Mil. and 2014 revenues are projected to again double 2013 revenue or $36 Mil.. Assuming that costs will marginally increase for a total expense in 2014 of $20 Mil., then a projected profit of $18 Mil. is reasonable.

        Stocks with a 100% yoy growth rate typically enjoy a high pe multiple (usually equal to the growth rate...100) until growth slows, but let's use a high/ low scenerio of 50 to 100 pe multiple for 2014. Market cap for a company with net earnings of $18 Mil. with a 50-100 pe multiple would be $900 Mil.-$1.8 Bil..

        So this translates into a share price in 2014 of 22.5-45 based upon 40 Mil. shares. Bottom line...hold your shares, observe quarterly revenues, and listen closely to management conference calls. I disagree with you about the high end phones. I believe that NEON may offer the ability for these phones to inconspicuously offer a low battery usage advantage to use some of these phones as e-readers. I may be mistaken, but I believe that I read somewhere that their chip may be used with non IR technology solutions so that the bezel is not necessary.

        IMO, a single agreement with an OEM for a high volume product will absolutely blow these revenue estimates away (and thereby the SP estimates as well). GLTA

        Lastly, remember that David Brunton, the CFO that keeps buying shares, stated that in the office equipment segment alone, that Neon is "proven at 2 tier 1 OEMs", and that Neon was seeing "increasing attention at the remaining OEMs in this market, which sell about 100 million units per year". NEON expenses should plateau a t $20 Mill. Revenuse in the $100 mill range will generate profits in the $80 Mil. range....You do the math!!!

        Hang in there guys...Neon will push 10-12 SP this year and 20 plus next year...conservatively...IMHO.

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    • Mfcav I do not see any press but I to did not get why Volvo was on the Neonode site launching their infotainment system if it was not involved with Neonode. I looked through the press and found nothing more than articles that tie Texas Instrument and Volvo together. Although it is not official it is as close to a no brainer as we can assume. Never assume i agree but for discussion purposes. Rough numbers I found on Volvo state about 460,000 cars in 2011 and 100,000 trucks. These are rough but i could not find if their van production were tied to either number. Also TI site states production in 2013 and roll out in q1 2014. It really seems this is likely as TI is working with these manuf. and Neonode was an obvious inclusion for TI in CES 2013.
      I have been looking at Ford as well they had issues with their infotainment system and brought Texas Instrument in to help With the display. Not conclusive I agree but checking into TI website and you will see they (TI) are pushing DLP.
      I would recommend spending some time on Texas Instruments web site and comparing the OEM's issues they are working with and how they relate to Neonode. TI gets very little love on the board but the oppertunities available from this partnership is unreal.
      Some dot connecting needed sure simply because official announcements have not came out but the signs appear to be Neon.

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