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  • booleansearcher booleansearcher Jul 16, 2013 8:51 PM Flag

    Carpet Bagger Chuck now has Dow and his many alias's

    bag-holders. Will Chuck produce anything to shareholders or will he continue to hide behind this little maneuver? I think I know how Chuck operates and how Marco was just another deception --- some how Chuckie will leave shareholders empty and he will take the company private at much lower levels and then sell it off to take all the profit for himself and those within his circle. Boolean

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    • Not sure why you care. The stock is dark, no one will really know the integrity of the CEO and others unless it emerges back into the light. The price is meaningless at a few hundred to a few thousand shares, a large 10-60K daily movement is likely to come in Nov-Dec that will let us know how low this turd has sunk.
      Going dark will save 200-300K in costs over the year and until they go BK I would not listen to insecure blow hards like booleansearcher

    • I lost alot of money on this poc...bought it years back when it was worth something....thousands of dollars flushed away.

    • Boolean you are so right that is why you pay attention to this stock and this board. What BS

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      • yes gilkey40 - I am here to help you - you kids all took the bait and switch and were so happy that they were taking FREE SHARES thinking that they were buying them when in actuality they were BEING GIVEN THEM. Remember that revelation when I had to dismantle that little dream of yours. Good luck - who knows maybe chuckie can pull this off but more likely he will pull another one on you. I hope you are calling the company to see what is happening - R U? Boolean