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  • bblemming bblemming Sep 17, 2012 9:29 AM Flag

    Tunnel, part III - Seabridge begs for the right building a tunnel ...

    American Creek Receives Notice of Application from Seabridge Gold Regarding the Mitchell-Treaty Tunnels and Requests to Negotiate Access Rights Through the Treaty Creek Property ...
    Seabridge also requested that American Creek and Teuton re-open negotiations in order to come to an agreement on Seabridge obtaining access rights to proceed through the Corporation's Treaty Creek property. ...


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    • OK bleming, you have disparaged Seabridge for years because they didn't have access yet for the twin tunnels. Now you disparage them for setting their sights on solving the problem? So according to you when they get this problem solved it will be a huge milestone. Oh, but I forgot anything positive should not be considered. Just like you disparaged Seabridge for not having any reserves for years, now that they have them in spades its not a bid deal.
      Why don't you get a life. We all see through your stupid unjustified opinions.

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      • 2 years ago:

        "... But I think you should know some facts that I found out from the president of one of the juniors. Rudi approached the juniors when they were both in the ashcan, trading around 5cents. He figured he could lowball them. Offered them a measly $280,000 for the right to built a 21 km tunnel through their ground. Then his legal beagle prepared the contract. There were a couple of clauses in there that shouldn't have been. One was the right to mine anything they found along the route of the tunnel. Can you believe that? For $280,000?? Another funny clause was a right of first refusal in Seabridge's favor for future financings of the Treaty Creek property. This is a property that has had close to ten million spent on it to date, and Rudi figures he can throw in a right of first refusal along with all the other kaka?? Obviously Rudi figured they were both so hard up they would willing bend over while he did them good. Now you guys know why this thing had no hope of going anywhere. They politely told Rudi to stuff it. Told him they would deal with whatever major took over the KSM. When the time comes they are going to ask for millions and they will get it, because it will be cheaper for the major to go along with it rather than have a long fight in the courts. Any expropriation will be challenged as there is no precedent when it comes to a tunnel through someone else's claims. "

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