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  • tomfrink482 tomfrink482 Mar 31, 2013 8:01 PM Flag

    joe_dirts_brother, pull_finger69, j_g41, pizzonasparkplug,general.mao,opiewon, azzledazzle56, greenmarshcreek

    Terrible People You are. What is wrong with you? So hateful, Emailed Mr. Tomas, CEO of Bioheart. He said was aware and had sent information to lawyers! I will soon know your information and you will not harm me anymore.

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    • You do realize, that you write and babble like a dumbed down 3rd grader who's been in rehab already- two or three times. It's a dead giveaway that you're one 1) Offshore and foreign as in Belize or 2) Just dumb as they come. Which one is it little boy. POST CONTACT INFO. You've made threats against us- we're going to find out one way or another- and also have you yanked off this yahoo board permanently, that part is already "in-process".

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    • His penny pumper stem cell bad web site is actually shown as being off-shore in Belize of all places- which explains his broken, babble speak bad English, or he's just a malfunctioning tard. He posts back and forth to HIMSELF on his penny pump site too- "claiming" that the CEO of a public traded company is sending him personal emails, making phone calls to him, blah, blah, blah. ALL which would be major SEC violations. A public traded CEO would NEVER, EVER personally speak to an individual or any investor- it's always done via a PR person or PR firm- conflict of interest. Now, I thought we told you to GET OFF THIS BOARD TommyBoy. What part didn't you understand? You're threatening people with physical violence, id theft,etc and we told you to LEAVE. You really think we believe you're "in contact" with the company CEO on Easter Weekend you babbling fool? REALLY? Just how stupid are you? Did your parents drop you on your head a lot before you had your 19th birthday last week? Dope? Thorazine? What messed you up, punk? You're dumber than a bad 2X4 and seem to not know it? Babble on little boy. Come see me too- the dogs are always ready as am I- we'll be glad to give you a "meet and greet" and then whatever else is necessary. I'll be nice and even pay for the plane ticket- give me your contact info.

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    • I'm right down the street from you in Edgarton. Shall I stop by?

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