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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Apr 1, 2013 5:13 PM Flag

    Another question, CEO says he's President of "ASTRI" Group?

    I've looked up ASTRIA group and you get NOTHING. I think I got one small hit on google- but the name Mike Tomas is not there. I've dealt with probably 100 or more private equity funds, commercial banking firms, venture capital, etc- and they ALL have web sites, they ALL list their key principal members- their pedigrees, business experience, and most important- the firm will list what deals they've done in the past and dollar amounts. Example, "Completed round one for XYZ in a private placement valued at $20 million dollars". This is what's on the BHRT verbatim, "Mike Tomás, CEO of BioHeart and President of the ASTRI Group, is considered by many in the industry as one of the most experienced marketers and operating executives for IT/Communications and Biotech/Life Sciences private equity and venture groups portfolio companies.". Now, I look up his name- and I get ZERO info in any business publication about him being "considered by many in the industry as on of the MOST EXPERIENCED marketers and OPERATING EXECUTIVES for BIOTECH/LIFE sciences" - NOTHING, not a single web hit. Not Forbes, not Business week, not an industry tech mag, NOTHING. Just my 2 cents and opinion- but again, this does not add up. You google the CEO of most public traded firms- especially one making claims like that- and you'll find many, many articles about them, the companies they've headed up, the venture firms they work with, etc. This guy comes up a goose egg. Kinda typical penny stock stuff again- my opinion. Vast "claims" on the web site- but a vacuum of real facts seemingly? ASTRI does not come up as a web site, not in a Hoovers listing, not a corporate listing hit as in registered, in any venture capital articles- not a single google comes back with that name - searched 10 different ways. Again, to me- something doesn't add up? My opinion- due your own DD and investigating. This place sure puts out a LOT OF PR that is full of nothing ?

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    • I thought you made your "living doing this for companies with market caps and sales in the $BILLION with a "B" plus range. I'm a hired gun to get these very type of issues done correctly, on time and successfully." But now you deal with "100 or more private equity funds, commercial banking firms, venture capital, etc?"

      Blah make your living posting #$%$ that people pay you for.

      You, and your alt accounts have done 100+ negative posts per day on BHRT...what other job do you have? I would LOVE to have an employer pay me to spend my 8-hour work day posting negatively on a biotech company. Please send me your HR's email so I can send my resume!

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      • Look DORK, I "was" as in past tense an employee- I made that VERY CLEAR. I am now "semi-retired" as in wealthy enough to live out my life or choose to work. It's called SHAZAM, CONSULTING you defect. When I was in Sr. Mgt, we utilized financing- for companies with sales in the $50 million annual to as I stated a $BILLION plus. I rode shot-gun on a secondary offering of $350 MILLION during the 2000 era market bubble and boom- money was falling out of trees back then. You did a secondary for the simple reason of why not- and we then went out and acquired companies to grow the firm. You're mental midget- it's like arm wrestling a dude who's handicapped, I feel bad just explaining to someone as mentally challenged as you.

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