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  • oedward19 oedward19 Apr 1, 2013 8:15 PM Flag

    Bashers and pumpers of Bioheart can agree on these things:

    1. Biofart has virtually no money and is basically broke.
    2. Subway has more employees working the lunch shift than Bioheart has total employees.

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    • BRAVO !! Spot on and brilliant analogies. And, as J_G points out, the CEO is "out of country" RIGHT when the 10-K is slipped in on "holiday" and while the whole staff of TWO other people are 1) Filing FDA trials docs for supposed "appeal" for compasionate use- WHATEVER that means since they have no valid trials or data to use (from the 10-K, not my words- they had serious side effects in every trial- all of which are now 4 plus yrs old and they appear to not even own the patents any more- per 10-K all sold off, expired, etc 2) Renegotiating the lease in his own words "for the best terms" whatever that means 3) Concluding key financing for number 1 above 4) Conducting all the other day to day business of a medical device/procedures company- though no one is there or answers the phone, not even a receptionist 5) Are also overseeing data collection and oversight and information from supposed other "vast" world wide trials at "Centers of Excellence" WHATEVER those are? and also in Jamaica now and Czech- STUNNING for TWO PEOPLE- neither of who appear to be there if you call the phone number of for "headquarters". Oh, and that's in addition to being the accountant, doing bookeeping, paying accounts, etc Wow, I'm really, really impressed. Are we missing something here or is it just me? Oh, and their is an entire "posse" of people who "claim" to be in daily contact and "conversing" and "getting" personal phone calls and emails from the CEO and also having him confirm he's supposedly going to SUE people on the yahoo msg boards (according to the stem cell pumper site), is "concerned" and monitoring the stock chat board- calls people "bashers" and "shorters", etc on his blog- NOT IN A PR - but he says in a blog he's going to "commence all legal actions necessary" because people are FREELY discussing the 10-K HIS AUDIT firm put out and that he issued on a Friday after business hours. GREAT. Sounds just GREAT.

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    • Mike Tomas is out of the country. Go ahead try to call him. He's out of here as fast as he could get a ticket to England.

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