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  • oedward19 oedward19 Apr 1, 2013 11:59 PM Flag

    Bioheart has literally lost investors millions and millions

    of dollars when considering the $.0275 share price of Biofart and the 100 million funding lost by Bioturd already. And then these idiots on this board claim Bioturd can successfully sue those who post their factual financial information and post word for word quotes from Biofart's 10k. Those with more common sense think it makes more sense to successfully sue Bioheart for actually losing them thousands and thousands of dollars per individual investor. Biofart's mostly BS press releases, announced funding that never materializes, and trials that never start.

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    • Amen bro ! Well said. The only direction any lawsuits are headed is TOWARDS Bio-turd and anyone in "cahoots" in pumping them or aiding them in any false pumps, PR's and as you correctly state- endless reams of items that just "magically" never seem to materialize or start once made public to pump the stock price. Let alone- lets not even get into this "Northstar" deal- I'm telling you, my opinion is that thing stinks to high heaven: insiders self dealing to a shell company they created, upping the outstanding shares by an ENORMOUS amount- and then signing over basically it appears TO THEMSELVES everything the company has that "might" be worth something. Wow !!

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      • If I can save one innocent man/woman from losing their hard earned money from investing in this unmitigated disaster then I feel I have done my job. Bioheart has already lost hundreds of people's hard-fought personal savings that some man/woman worked arduous hours at a job they probably hate just to accumulate some investment money to try and finally make it out of poverty and then Bioturd flushes their money down the toilet.

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