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  • joe_dirts_brother joe_dirts_brother Apr 2, 2013 12:58 AM Flag

    ANOTHER stemcell, icell web site post in which they "claim" CEO speaks to them directly

    In which stemcellresearch poster CLAIMS that company CEO, who is supposedly in LONDON, called them back by phone and PERSONALLY DISCUSSED MATERIAL FACTS regarding the company business- IN PRIVATE to ONE SHAREHOLDER with no PR or disclosure to public- it includes the lease, possible buy-out and even SUING yahoo msg board members- according to stemcellresearch post QUOTE, "Feed,
    I was concerned and emailed Tomas about these two issues this morning. He actually CALLED ME to discuss. You are right, I really love how passionate he is about the company.. Very nice that he would take the time to personally speak to me. Anyway.. With regards to the lease..As far as I understood what he said..Bioheart has no plans of going anywhere. He negotiated the lease extension to negotiate the best possible terms for the new lease. It also seemed pretty clear that there are OTHER PLACES that the company can operate from if necessary...but there are no plans for them to go anywhere.
    With regards to the new financing.. He said to look for a blog sometime this weekend to explain the new "investors". He was focusing heavily on the fact that the company is taking very seriously any attempts to BASH the company that cross a legal line. (libel/slander/etc) He said he is aware that there are two new bashers on the forums and the company will continue to work to protect itself.
    I also managed to throw in a question regarding concerns over a buyout. He said they are always CONSIDERING NEW STRATEGIES (SEC ALERT- RED ALERT !!) , but he is not concerned about a buyout because it would require shareholder approval. From what I understood, they actually have RECEIVED OFFERS (SEC ALERT, RED ALERT) but he did not have to share them because they were not material? "
    HAS/HAD buyout offers and HE TOLD AN INDIVIDUAL on a phone call? THIS CAN'T BE FOR REAL? He discusses the company headquarters lease issue BY PHONE WITH A PRIVATE INDIVIDUAL - after a 10-K that just said it ends in APRIL? WOW . LAW SUIT !

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