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  • billlewisiv billlewisiv Feb 19, 2013 4:59 PM Flag

    Anatomy of a sell-off: BX

    1. President of company sells 30% of his shares
    2. Stock is just past X-dividend day
    3. Stock is at fifty-two week high, near five year high
    4. Market over-bought at four year high

    Add'em all up, and we'll see you in the 17's next week.

    Voluntary disclosure: long 1,000 shares and wishing I'd sold half at the open today.

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    • BillieBoy,
      Like I told you before (when you warned about this stock being over $18), this stock market thing it too complicated for you. You should:

      1) stick to mutual funds
      2) keep your uninformed, ill thought out, dumb ideas to yourself.
      3) concentrate on trying to move out of your mom's basement

    • LOL, please do yourself a foavour and sell tomorrow morning at open your 1000 shares, so you will end your rant about this company...
      Even when I am sure that you do not have any share of BX but you have sold lots shorty.

      • 1 Reply to supranatural_s
      • LOL...what you all seem to ignore is the fact that THIS IS NOT YOUR FATHER'S STOCK MARKET ANYMORE. 70-75% of trades today are HFT or high frequency trades. That fact alone turns our markets into a casino. You're all in love with this stock right now, and that's as dangerous an approach as any other. I stand by the four reasons I posted for being wary of a sell-off, and I'll add this: BX has never held gains of any kind. My intent is to go long with half my holdings, but to swing trade the other half. Selling at 19.50 and buying back in 10% lower would have worked perfectly in the recent cycle. Hey, go ahead and hold, and enjoy the roller coaster ride. I promise you won't be disappointed. But this is a traders's stock. If you ignore that fact, get used to great gains, and giving most of it back, time and time again.

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