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  • sunw_2_100 sunw_2_100 Apr 12, 2013 11:34 AM Flag

    Divy Question-----


    What is the true rate.....and is it sustainable.....I like what I see in the company, but the DIVY rate of 8.5% is not acturate

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    • First of all, it's a dividend, not a divy or divvy. It's not a stocky and it's not traded on a markety.
      If you want to know the yield, why not add up the dividends paid the last 4 quarters and divide (or dividey) by the stock pricey rather than expecting other people to do the mathy for you?

    • Its not truly a dividend. Its a dispersal of income to partners. This is an MLP...MLP distributions aren’t considered dividends, MLP unit holders don’t get a Form 1099 at tax time. They get a K-1...and usually not until March, April...or later. Distributions are based entirely on how well the MLP does for a quarter, and can vary significantly.

    • The yield is NOT 8.5%, so stop worrying about sustaining it. I am amazed at how many banks, ratings agencies and analysts are making this stupid, ignorant mistake. Everyone seems to be taking the 2012 final quarter payout (42 cents) and multiplying it times four. Fools. The other three payouts were 10 cents. BX is structuring the payouts differently this year, but it won't add up to 8.5%. PAY ATTENTION!

    • No,it is not 'acturate',if you want 'acturate' rate,you will have to go to Rwanda and learn to speak a new language

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