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  • billlewisiv billlewisiv Jul 30, 2013 1:59 PM Flag

    Down and down she goes...what complete cr*p...

    Every time. Every stinking time. Every time this stock runs up, it runs back down, now just about back to the level where earnings were announced. So what good was a blow-out quarter to long share-holders? Worthless. But lots and lots of fun for traders who took their 10% and moved on. THE CASINO IS OPEN.

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    • Hilton hotels, apartment complexes that is where REAL MONEY sits. trust me on this one. most people with money only invest in assets that bring in money consistently.... collecting rent for some years and then selling the assets when they go up in value. even if the assets go down, they will still be collecting money because people need a place to live, and population will only grow. and who has money to buy a house these days. people are dumb. they will always be renting because i seemst affordable. banks don't lend like they use to so buying house is not as easy. blackstone will be selling rental bonds which is safer than mortgage back securities... I don't know much about finance and I don't have a big education, but you can see REAL MONEY is managed by private equity groups like blackstone, and blackstones team is a bunch of smart guys who don't lose. blackstone buys good names too and do business with big brand names. most people don't knowevr about blackstone. but you can see their portfolio,, Hilton, seaworld.... man they make good moves sure everyone suffered in the 2009 collapse , but they are still talented and continue to close deals and grind it out. I know in life that consistant hard work you will always survive no matter what. even they guy who beg for money on the street. as long as he is grinding daily day and night... not just sitting there but going around and asking he is sure to be rich. blackstone don't just sit around,,, you can see on the news, they close deals almost every month

    • Well, on the positive side, when were invest the dividend on Sunday we get more shares.

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