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  • carolyn_novice carolyn_novice Oct 10, 2013 10:41 AM Flag

    Where ate the Profit Takers BX 25. 70?

    Where ate the Profit Takers BX 25. 70?

    Market leaders’ act like Technical Rally from over sold.

    3 Signs Stocks Could Tank (Barron’s Google search)

    Where are the short sellers?
    Where are the profit takers?
    Is it a technical rally?
    Is it ready for a big move?

    This is what we need to discuss seriously, not fighting with each other.

    I am afraid to be long, October correction, still wait for lower price.
    I am afraid to be short, Washington change of heart on budget.

    Good Luck!


    Carolyn Novice

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    • I got out at 26 for a 19.2 % gain - after the last 4 earnings BX has taken at least a 1 point hit within a month - you will be able to buy back in at 25.25 or less by mid November. Will play GS and AIG til then.

      Sentiment: Buy

    • Where ate the profit takers? Denny's, I think.

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      • Hedge funds are short, and their connections will not agree to a peaceful solution.

        Please keep one eye on the after hours trading, after the news is made public.

        Also tonight foreign markets starting Japan at 8:00pm will be a better clue..

        Today’s rally on BX was it short covering?

        The volume and block trading was not there.

        Good luck!


        Carolyn Novice

    • michaelzamir Oct 10, 2013 4:16 PM Flag

      You people are all morons...Trade on the fundamentals and long term future 10 years this stock is $50 minimum...dont fight it...Buy a ton, sit back, and enjoy

    • emanuilshvarts Oct 10, 2013 2:02 PM Flag

      This is obviously relief rally, after a few days of panic. BX (and the market too) returns to the pre-panic levels.
      I agree that the government "tricks" can continue and being long is a bit dangerous - but I am still long.
      I have BX shares and also $23 calls expiring in 8 days (they cost me $0, I used "risk reversal"). I will wait a few days to sell the calls - believe/hope they will go up a bit.
      There is no sense - there is no MUCH sense - to sell BX now, a few days before quarterly report. Report should be good, BX is very active and very successful, and world economy going, overall, up. I do not expect big/huge move (stock is 25% up already in 3 mo), but something like $27-$28 after the report.
      Good Luck!

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