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  • habbas3000 habbas3000 Dec 6, 2013 5:08 AM Flag

    Hmmm - Interesting

    I found a Carolyn clone on another board - is there some website from which you can just copy and paste this stuff? Where you don't need to bother to learn about the underlying company, you can just copy talking points. Does the site include the vague statements at the end, or do you have to come up with those on your own?

    Is TWGP a good buy at current price $3.91?

    A friend asked me to look into TWGP and aske me when it is a good time to buy? I quickly checked TWGP. Here is what I got from TWGP:

    1. TWGP's debt is due near future;
    2. TWGP does not have cash to pay the debt;
    3. Q2/2013 financial report was later, but filed last week. It showed a big loss.
    4. Q3/2013 financial report needs to be filed soon, otherwise TWGP might be delisted. Q3 report should show a loss again.

    What does it need for TWGP to be as a normal company not deeply discount to its book value?

    1. TWGP needs to file its Q3 financial report in due date;
    2. TWGP needs to raise up cash to pay its debt;

    Can TWGP complete these two points in its required dates and at reasonable cost? There are a lot of uncertainty around TWGP until these situations are clear. TWGP has big down side risk at current level. TWGP is only for big risk takers

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    • All you need to know about BX and their business is that they are making money hand over fist, and they HAVE more money than God. The share price movement this past week has nothing to do with the company's successes and failures. The recent pullback/sell-off is nothing but a trader's reaction to the recent irrational run-up to the 29.50 level. THIS IS A TRADER'S STOCK! A day-trader's wet dream. Casino opens in 14 minutes and I see BX up about 1% in pre-market. This could easily close above 28.50 today. Or below 27.

    • The declining advance-decline line was also mentioned in her fraudulent posts (which should be flagged and reported, as of course these are cut and pastes as you say). But a downward advance-decline line occurs with virtually broad every market dip.

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