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  • azurelight58 azurelight58 Dec 24, 2013 2:06 PM Flag

    What's Current Yield Here?

    Thx, haven't followed this for a few years. Do they still do the EOY special distribution? Back then it was like an 8-10% yielder. Yahoo says it is 3% annually, but their statistics might not take into account the subtleties or should I say complexities of this LP. I used to think that even management didn't understand all the ins and outs of this thing lol.....

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    • I have not held this stock for quite a year and I have not seen any announcement of a special distribution, but I believe the quarterly dividend contains the regular dividend distribution which is forecasted annually + any excess cash from investing activities combined with any increases in fees collected (if any) for that quarter. Kind of what Jack Mlyn said.

      With the sale of several assets including the secondary shelf offering in the SEAS stock sale which closed recently, I would not be surprised to see a substantial increase in the next quarterly dividend gained through fees and through returns on investments.

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    • I see lots of replies, but nobody answering the question "What's the current yield here?" Yes, the payouts have been changing this year, with larger quarterly payouts throughout 2013. Will we see a larger payout for the fourth quarter? Perhaps. But the current yield for 2013 will be in the neighborhood of 3%. Excellent run-up in the share price this year...looking for even more in 2014.

    • From news release in Jan 13. For 2013, we've made a change to the distribution. We've increased the base quarterly distribution by 20% to $0.12 from $0.10, and we're also going to pay out the excess net cash available on a current basis so that there won't be a fourth quarter true-up. Investors will just get the cash earlier

    • Blackstone Holdings III, a subsidiary of The Blackstone Group (NYSE:BX), sold 19,500,000 shares of theme park and entertainment company SeaWorld Entertainment (NYSE:SEAS) for $563,062,516. Another Blackstone subsidiary, Blackstone Capital Partners, sold 17,000,000 shares of Pinnacle Foods Inc (NYSE:PF) for $437,697,312 statement by GIC and Blackstone today. New York-based Blackstone agreed to sell the stake for more than 1.7 billion pounds $2.8 billion. What kind of surplus will this make

    • Any special dividend is going to present a problem for a holder of call options. Even though the share price will rise in anticipation of the special dividend, it will later drop by the amount of the special dividend after the holder of record date. Since only shareholders will receive the special dividend, the call holder will end up with a loss.

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      • YES, with all the new IPOs and asset appreciation and fees..I would expect some nice rewards that would be announced early 2014 after year ends...their divident/bonus policy has been changing....2012 BX paid a quarterly dividend of 10 cents with the bonus at year end numbers.. this year they pay whatever surplus they have EACH this last one payble early 2014 shold be very good I would expect..

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    • You should check investor relations on their website for that kind of information.

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      • I looked. It's like finding a needle in a haystack, if the needle's even in the haystack. I guess you don't know either?

        But since Sam seems to know something about the current company structure, I'll ask him, as I don't recall: I'd be interested in entering prior to it going "ex-dividend" or "ex-distribution" or whatever one would call it. I'm wondering whether one must own it in calendar year 2013 to qualify for what's sounding like a nice windfall for their labors this year. Thanks

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