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  • devondodger devondodger Jan 14, 2014 8:52 AM Flag

    I am selling

    This merger probably will go thru. Share holders have no vote. We do not count. The board has voted for it. Last year at this time the stock was at $17. Nice profits if you bought then. The stock went to $60 when it was leaked that mgt. was in talks to sell. My best estimates is that APFC would make about $20 million for fiscal year 2014. That's about $2.50 a share, down from $3.00 for last year. The company calls for $2.00 a share in profits. Put a 20 multiple on the numbers, you get a stock price of $40 to $50 for fiscal 2014. So I am selling. If, by chance to merger does not happen the stock will fall back to pre announcement levels. This would be a great time to buy back in now that APFC is in play.

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    • Agree...I'm out with a nice profit (short-term cap gain) and will watch now from the sidelines. Looking for other good chemical companies to redeploy investment...suggestions welcome. GLTA

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    • I would not sell until the tender offer starts, the stock is trading for below 46.50, but it is a really interesting situation the stock holders are in.

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      • The tender offer starts 1/24/14. I believe it will be successful. If successful HIG will purchase the remaining stock ASAP, according to the lawyers at $46.50.. Stock holders have no say. If the tender offer is unsuccessful, the the stock will falll back to $38., pre- announcement levels. This would be an oppurtunity to buy in, now that APFC is in play, I sold ($46.36) because I may have an oppurtunity to buy back in . The lawsuits are for the lawyers, not the stockholders. The lawyers get most if not all of the proceeds if any.