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  • I am guessing this is MM playing games with the price the last few days getting it lower or did I miss some neg news the last few days?

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    • ...USDI killed all commodities 4/2/13 going to 83.02
      Last time RVM dies on the vine was 3/1/13 when it went to 1.60 ... looking forward to adding there...RVM should start production in May. Was 29 degrees yesterday in Billings.
      Not much works well at 29 unless you are ice fishing in the sunshine and no wind.

    • Yes "Market Manipulator" playing games.

      This is the huge activity which moved the price from $1.98 to $1.91 in a 2 minute 9 second time span (read from bottom up):

      15:14:03 $ 1.91 200
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 100
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 100
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 100
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 500
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 300
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 100
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 100
      15:14:03 $ 1.92 200
      15:14:03 $ 1.93 100
      15:14:03 $ 1.94 100
      15:14:03 $ 1.94 100
      15:14:02 $ 1.94 100
      15:14:02 $ 1.94 100
      15:12:00 $ 1.96 100
      15:11:54 $ 1.98 100

    • yeah, really weird...i thought perhaps some profit taking at first, but i guess the shorts are onboard. PM's getting crushed certainly doesnt help....

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      • news from local paper. Looks good actually

        Revett awaits MSHA approval
        Stock options offered to current employees

        Photo by Paul Sievers
        Troy Mine
        Posted: Tuesday, April 2, 2013 11:00 am
        Alan Lewis Gerstenecker | 0 comments
        Revett Minerals officials are expecting approval of their plan this week from the Mine Safety and Health Administrationa to begin clearing groundfall within the silver and copper mine.
        Troy Mine General Manager Doug Miller told Lincoln County commissioners last week the company eagerly awaits approval from MSHA on its step-by-step plan for clearing the fallen rock that virtually halted mining operations in early December.
        Since then, Revett has had crews performing maintenance on vehicles, painting buildings and other non-mining duties. Revett has not laid off workers in the four months since the groundfall. Last week, the company just completed another benefit plan.
        “The stock-options plan was completed last week,” Miller said Monday.
        Miller said he is anticipating approval of the Revett plan by MSHA that would allow the removal of groundfall that halted operations.
        “Yes, it’s our plan,” Miller said. “I don’t know when we may hear from (MSHA).
        In discussing the plan, Miller said it involves removing groundfall from both ends — from both the north and south entrances.
        Asked about the breadth of the groundfall, Miller said he could not begin to know the length of the blockage. However, Miller said typically the groundfall is not solid.
        Miller did indicate much of the initial effort of removal would will come from the north adit, as there still is snow up at the south adit.
        “You’ve got spring here. It’s still winter up there,” Miller said.
        Presiding Commissioner Tony Berget praised Miller and Revett Exploration and Technical Services Manager Larry Erickson for their commitment to employees during the slowdown.

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