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  • roger29palms roger29palms Feb 7, 2002 5:21 PM Flag

    name change needed

    After today's example of "investor" rationality, I'm convinced that there is probably nothing management of USAP can do to boost the share price.
    A dividend at year's end might help but only if it were to send the company near bankruptcy. Anything short of same doesn't seem to impress.
    We could change or modify the name. Add the obvious; dot com. Bring in 21 year old managers and elect a board that will hand out millions of options to themselves and the 21 year olds, etc., etc.
    All kidding aside, I sure wish I had the ability to ask sellers why they sold today, for example.Why would you buy something worth ten cents for each dollar of stock price? If you or I were to walk up to someone on the sidewalk and offer them $1 for each $10 they had, they would likely tell you to take a hike but too many will readily engage in such inane transactions when shares of stock are involved.
    Geeeez, this investing business can be frustrating. Maybe I should get a lobotomy{sp] and just smile blissfully through the insanity?

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    • I agree with you on that roger. The whole investment business is absolutely the weirdest thing sometimes. I suppose the upside of the lunacy is that it creates opportunites in the long-run for smart value investors. The real nightmare would be if the biz got too efficient. You always need somebody a little less aware or a little less patient to buy/sell your shares from/to you no?

      Anyway, I just did my work-up on this issue today and it looks pretty good. I suppose I would like to see a little more aggressive dividend and/or buyback activity from the absolutely ideal stock-pick, but I like the valuation here. I suppose the biggest risk factor is the customer concentration but at these prices that would seem factored in to some extent already.

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      • Lemon merchant, in Spanish, I think you be would el limon vendadoro. Nonetheless, yes, a dividend would certainly "buy" us some attention. And yes sir, the emotional decisions of some "investors" sure can lead to some bargins. At extremes it's like taking candy from a baby in some issues.
        I agree that the relationship with Carpenter is bothersome. I would prefer less dependence on their business. It is a potential bombshell should they go to another supplier.
        Investing in companies' stock does beat working outdoors here in the desert with it's heat, wind, cold, etc.


        Sorry for the goofy sentence layout, I can't qiute get the hang of typing on this confuser.

    • Such is the fate of micro cap stocks, manipulation is just something we have to deal with. We will have to be satisfied in the knowing we have good value with this company, problem is it needs mutual funds or institutional intrest to drive the price up. Patience is key, if your looking for fast returns, best look elsewhere. Buy on any weakness, and hold, hold hold. Best regards

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