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  • non_judgement non_judgement Apr 17, 2007 10:28 PM Flag

    Clintons' proven record $B surplus


    ~CLINTON:_Stock indexes went up steadily
    -Created 24M new jobs
    -Reversed Bush's huge deficit to multi-B$ budget surplus
    -Paid portion of National debt in his last 2 yrs
    -Handed Bush Jr multi-B$ surplus
    -$22/barrel; $1.2/gal
    -Increased minimum wages
    -Increased/created funds of Veterans, Research, Education; Housing, Medicare, Medicaid, Child Care Credit, Earn Income Credit,Head Start, Education Credit; etc (thus, effectively reduced # of welfare people)
    -Lots of Loving, Compassion, Kindness

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    • I don't normally respond to political bs but I'll make an exception as I think you missed my favorite positive comment on Clinton and it happens to relate somewhat to TJX.

      Clinton got along enough with the Republican congress to pass a bill restricting welfare (ie AFDC) to a limited term and set work requirements (or education) to recieve benefits. This I think is the most positive thing I can say came out of the Clinton years and it was bipartisan! Can't we just get along?

      This program was followed up by private industry with a welfare-to-work program which TJX is a major sponser. Thousands of welfare recipients found honest work (on the books) to support their families and regain their self respect thanks to TJX. TJX got workers to do the unglamorous work of keeping all their stores running. It's all that stockholders really care about...

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