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  • A Yahoo! User Oct 25, 2012 5:26 PM Flag

    Is It Different in the USA? In Canada, TJX ROCKS!

    In Canada we have "Winners" and "Homesense". Yes, they have things at lower prices, but it's high end discount. They don't have necessities, but they do have awesome designer sell outs and really skilled buyers. The furniture is top rate and I am sitting on a TJX chair, by a TJX ottoman, facing a gorgeous curved black wood TJX sofa table.... They are the first store I go to - bedding, towels, furniture, clothes, shoes. They are the only store I know of in Toronto where I can walk in and get size 14 men's shoes for my son, and find a selection, and decent prices. They are also the favorite store of every single woman I know. SO: what's the deal with Marshall's and T.J. Maxx? Are they just horrible boring discount crap like all the failing earners? 'Cause I'm missing something .... this stock is following the wrong group based on their style over here. And here they are invariably busy...

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    • no, they rock here too in the Northeast. sometimes marshall's gets a little #$%$ looking but tjmaxx is great and ours has homegoods store within the store. its just that tjx is already a 35 billion dollar company and its harder to keep growing sss. i don't think they've maxed out their store openings though. i think you have to hold this one longer term and be satisfied with decent returns, not the major pops you get on momentum names.

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      • The company is not a 35billion dollar company yet, they are 30billion and the goal is to hit 40 billion dollars. To that end and starting this year they will grow organically by more then 100 stores per year for the next 5 years.

        Europe is becoming a major player for TJX, Germany business is off the charts, they have 5/6 stores in PR and they will open more. The housing recovery has started as they continue to open even more Home Goods/Sense stores, and this is just the start. They plan to continue to expand into Europe/Latin America and the list goes on.

        There are plans to increase their vendors if that is at all possible since they added over 1000 since the down turn started. Remember Cramer said sell this stock sighting lack of merchandise and vendors, I said the opposite and he finally came on board.

        In order to add more vendors with will look to the higher end to drive great prices and brands. Marshall’s serves a different clientele then TJX, Marshall’s is geared towards Men, while TJX is for Women, and that to will be changing. Have you noticed there is a Rost store next to most TJX locations, well think about this, how about TJX/Marshalls/Homegoods located at each and every new store opening, this is coming in order to shut down competition and increase brand exposure, and brand leverage.

        Well, I have not posted information like this in quiet a while, having said that TJX has run it's course for now, its been years that TJX has made us tons and tons of money with the stock heading higher and higher, I championed this while others attempted to bash or belittle my post to no avail.

        However, high stock prices has come to an end for now, we will see lower prices as I posted earlier. We will get a snap back, but lower prices are in affect. Lower prices will also be the norm in 2013 and early 2014 as we consolidate in the mid to upper $30 range. So if you plan to accumulate right here and now you will loose cash short term. If you bought the highs you will loose cash short term. If you sold into this high like I did you will be ready once the pullback and consolidation has finished.

        I forecasted that we will hit $68.00 again in 2014, but that is off the tables, play the hands you have been dealt, recognize the times you are in and make your plans accordingly.

        2013 Sales forecast at the end of February will be below 2%

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