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  • Monksdream_98 Monksdream_98 Apr 10, 2002 2:16 PM Flag

    Ha! Ha!

    A Testimonial!
    by: Monksdream_98 (50/M/ 04/10/02 01:54 pm
    Msg: 102253 of 102253

    Just want to say thanks for the mention of this stock
    in your last newsletter. I went ahead and took a short
    position in this and it is working out quite nicely. I
    am glad that I am able to get your newsletter each
    week. I appreciate the insight. It is nice to get your
    perspectives and thoughts on such a wide range of
    topics(especially in the little podunk town I live in
    here in AZ, who would of thought ten years ago, maybe
    Al Gore).

    Thanks again,


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    • LOL!

    • Is cool another Tokyo Joe?

    • The arbiter of �ethical trading� and �legitimate orders� who KNOWS that there is "dishonesty" of the market publicizing "stop loss orders" ;>(

      (you fabricate out of thin air �. Creative for one hampered without a right hemisphere)

      Is now the moral authority of the insightful band of �investors��


    • hey lookatran .... shhhhhhh .... your lousy character is showing ....

    • You still like DIGI? Got in on the last run to 3.30 for a few pennies because I've had it on my screen. With earnings on the 25th, how does it look?

    • Hey Klaus,

      Better check with mathbrain, you know those markets, where all that matters is making money, and the ends justify the means�

      Wouldn�t want to inculcate some budding economy with a semi-efficient equities market. Surly not one that is rigged with the ��dishonesty of the market publicizing "stop loss orders". Or where traders and not just �ethical� �investors� are allowed to participate with only �legitimate� orders - the arbiter of which will be a high school math teacher living in 4/2 ranch gloating that he has six figures in his retirement account � such a SUCCESS.

      In spite of all the rules to protect the small fools of the world, margin, up-tick, inside info . . . .the stupid small sheeple �investors� are still lead to slaughter - - precisely because the attributes that limit their success � make them vulnerable.

    • He lives this purity ("I do not buy stocks which make the newsletter's screens to avoid such conflicts" - of course, no doubt) we all want to live and he is on a mission. He not only cares for the chosen ("His insights (e.g. "DVD is hot") have made alot of his subscribers (the chosen) alot of money and thats all that matters") he helps these poor (johnny-come-latelies) souls like kennyjcal to become better humans by taking their money. Men like Cool make the stock exchange such a great place, if you lose money you get always something in exchange with an equal value - experience.

      BTW: Cool, what about pumping INSN (very small float) from $2.7 to $9. I'm big in INSN and I promise I will give away all my gains to poor countries in Africa to help them founding stock exchanges.

    • and for that matter a good one to start our day with! I loved the late to the party part! It's good keeping the big picture simple.
      The buy and hold investors are still with us.
      Also, expect that some are buying on this shakeout. I've never been one to hold out for or depend on news. Tight lip is fine with long as I can see the map, I know where I'm going.

    • shut you FARKING mouth with your cool cat analysis..... that guy was way late to the party. Anyone who owns this at 6 could see their break even point as early as Friday. This is a DVD play.... DVD is hot, and the e-BOX revenues should be VERY IMPRESSIVE. The stock was ran up to quick IMO, but from here we see 10 by May. Too many traders was the problem. Need to get some BUY and HOLD investors. They have a FIRM GRASP on their niche market and clearly they are they dominant player and will reap most of the business.

    • "I doubt if the newsletter had much of an effect on this stock. If that was the case, every stock that was featured in the newsletter would take off, and obviously they don't all do that. "

      That is NOT a logical argument -- but I won't belabor the point except to say that just because not every stock your newsletter touts takes off, that does NOT prove that the newsletter did not have much of an effect on SIGM -- think about it -- your reasoning was flawed ...

      But nothing I can offer as evidence says that th enewsletter DID affect the price of SIGM either -- other than timeline-based circumstantial evidence ... so Coolcat does his thing and Sigma does its thing and SIGM does its thing and Sigmates do their thing and ---- we have a market .... que sera sera ... ;>)

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