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  • lusvale lusvale Mar 13, 2008 10:38 AM Flag

    Warrent Buffett and Sigma!

    Well said. I am not an expert but from what I´ve read about it, more the Toshiba defeat,
    it will be a good play, or, ther`s something wrong with it.

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    • why dont the comopany insiders have faith in their own company?

      Wouldnt inside selling be a bearish sign?

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      • To answer your question on insider selling and whether it is bearish. The answer is not necessarily. It can be but most often it is not. People sell for all kinds of reasons. Diversification, college, new house, new cars, art, 2nd homes, boats, you name it. It isn't the best signal for bearish sentiment.

        What you might want to see is insider buying because people only do that for one reason (i.e the recent buying spree in chesapeake energy or the 5 mil pluncked down last week by the CROX officer).

        Of course as shareholders we would like to see insiders buying and you might just see that with the stock down this far. Don't be surprised if these insiders pick up some paper when their buying window opens up and they are allowed to do so. Heck with a 2 million share buyback if I was an insider I'd buy here when my window allowed then have the company buyback these PE 4.4 cheap shares hand over fist. When the stock hits 35 or 45 I'd maybe sell depending how the prospects look from there long term. If good I'd continue to hang on tight.

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