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  • starfe11111 starfe11111 Sep 30, 2008 3:22 PM Flag

    My Agenda

    My one and only agenda is to poison this board as much as I can.

    I have been here for several yrs now and befriended enough people that they actually think I post for the good of this board. Little do they know I have alterior motives.

    I actually know nothing about SIGM products nor do I care. People on this board are actually gullible enough to think that I own shares.

    I bash each and every personel from management every chance I get. The more I do it, the more people seem to listen and get on board. I think it's finally working. I especially love to harp on Tran, simply because he seems to be an easy target.

    There are only a handful of people that reply to my posts so I try and make them feel good about themselves and reply to only those. In other words, I fluff their ego a bit. I dont really know anything about the products anyways so what can I actually add of value to an informative post. I actually have a few aliases that talk to each other so that the rest of the board take my comments more seriously. I use slightly diff personalities with each Alias to not show that it's the same person. Although sometimes, I imagine similarities may show.

    I love to chirp about the nmbrs because nobody really knows how to interpret them anyways and it looks like I am helping them make a better investment decision, meanwhile I am just trying to distort their view on the market. I will sometimes change it up and focus on other negatives in the market.

    I rarely refer to anything in a positive light. I am shocked at how people on this board are naive enough to think I want the best for SIGM. I must have done a pretty good job on conning everyone.

    Heck, they even believed me when I told them I went to a wedding and spoke to Warren Buffet.

    I throw them a report every now and then, or a random link. It seems to be enough to keep them clueless to my real intentions.

    Keep eating my crap naive suckers, you love it.

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