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  • lowl22 lowl22 Apr 3, 2012 1:40 PM Flag

    risk reward

    just bought 9000 shares today at 4.96...does anybody see much downside below $4.50 over the next 6-9 months..don't really know much about their technology as I am more thinking that cash burn should decline and maybe even think they could start earning money next year from listening the the conference call..even though they have been talking about improvements for years...just seems like the right time now..

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    • so far so has been getting clobbered and this stock is showing great relative strength..looks like the shorts are worn out...downside is limited just like i thought ...$6 bucks in six weeks...thanks for the good advice byron..all these naysayers saying it is gambling and flushing money down the toilet obviously must think gambling and investing are very different...not really..this company has tons of cash and intellectual property plus zero enterprise value to cause this thing to double within a few month with so many shorts targeting it...the past is the past lets look to the future

    • all u are doing is gambling

      and bad gambling at that!

      bad management

      bad products

      bad technology

      bad board of directors

      bad decisions

      why would u invest in this pos?

      u are better off sticking your $45k in apple stock

      it will continue to go up

    • why are you asking these questions AFTER you say you bought the stock?
      wouldn't it have been prudent to have completed your due diligence prior to purchase?
      especially on a long shot decliner like this.
      sounds like you just don't care if you burn through your sigm

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      • like i said i based based on balance sheet strength and listening to call...likely to have 4.00 to 4.20 in cash ny end of 2012..but does not price in much for the enterprise which should have value...i don't really understand the technology side of the business and trying to understand more about it..also the new shareholder just bought 5% of the total company since January..Potomac Capital Partners..Also one of the reasons I love at 60-70 % of cash ...big insider purchases at 2.10-2.30 shares 1-2 years ago and a new chairman..

    • you have a position?are you short?just don't see this going down much further in the next 6-9 months but looking to find out about the technology part of this company...any info appreciated!!!

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      • Technically, I do have positions. Both long and short. I say technically because while it is my account, I don't manage it.

        Technology wise, SIGM's bread and butter was IPTV. Unfortunately, its major customer transitioned from SIGM to BRCM. SIGM is now playing catchup in this once major revenue generator. While overall worldwide IPTV deployments grew the last few years, SIGM did not join that growth and regarless of what the management says, the bottomline $$$ clearly indicate it lost considerable market share. (the only way they could have kept their market share is by dumping that unwanted $9M excess inventory into the market, probably at pennies to the dollar.)

        The promise of massive cable market pentration fizzled to a whisper.

        Z-wave while a SIGM proprietory technology, is generating only about $2.5M a quarter. Even if it doubles this year that is not enough to compensate loses in IPTV business. is a promising new technology where SIGM have a solution. But competition is fierce and it is not generating any revenue today, in a year or two it maybe, but in a year or two, any technological advantage it has today will most likely be negligible even surpassed by much bigger competitors. SIGM can't ward off one competitor in IPTV, they will have less chance warding off more than one competitor in when that happens.

    • You could have donated that money to charity. That would have helped the needy and it is tax deductible too.

    • products are now in field trials and will be shipping in volume next year. This will be a big market for SIGM.

    • no, its going lower

    • There is a lot more downside risk than upside potential.
      Bottom picking this stock is a bad idea.
      New lows keep coming.
      Can't cross the 50 dma on up moves.

    • I hope you are right. A pop over $6 is possible sometime over the next 6-9 months.

      every dog has its day, and this mf'er has fleas for sure..

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