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  • elks225 elks225 May 13, 2006 5:36 PM Flag

    BIG NEWS!!!

    The aritcle in the New York Times today is huge news for Syntroleum...

    From the article..
    "Neither Mr. Holmes nor the Air Force would provide cost estimates for the experimental fuel deal in advance of signing a final contract, expected in coming days."
    "By late this summer, on the hard lake beds of the Mojave Desert, where the Air Force tests its most secret and high-performance aircraft, a lumbering B-52 is scheduled to take off in an experiment in which two of the giant bomber's engines will burn jet fuel produced not from crude oil but from natural gas. The plane's six other engines will burn traditional jet fuel � just in case."
    "Mr. Aimone said that if the synthetic blend worked, plans called for increasing its use in Air Force planes to 100 million gallons in the next two years."

    I know that SYNM doesn't have the capacity to supply 100 million gallons within the next two years, but maybe there will be a stipulation in the contract to subsidize an American plant for SYNM... This could be huge news.....

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