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  • ontopofitall4u ontopofitall4u Dec 6, 2012 6:42 PM Flag

    Are you guys forgetting what happened to this stock 3 years ago?

    The stock was driven down to 53 cents by the end of December 2009. Within the first two weeks of 2010, the price was up at 80 cents. The stock then went from 70 cents up to $1.60 in about 2 months and went from $1.60 up to $2.60 in another two months. From the end of December to the middle of May the stock went up almost 400%. Eventually reaching about $2.95.
    Maybe not the same progression this time around but I think the $1 subsidy and production with new equipment will definitely put this above $1 quickly and be pushing $2 again if production can reach 5 million gallons for 3 of the first 4 months of the year. The last run up in price took about 5 months and I think it could happen again. Just not quite as big. It all depends on the subsidy being extended thru 2013 and production levels. It happened before and it could happen again. Don't be surprised to see the price at 70-75 cents again by the 2nd week of January. Maybe even sooner if management throws us a little bone on how the new equipment is working.
    Some people here will not like this prediction and jump all over it. Sometimes you don't need a reason for the price to go up and that is seen over and over thru the market. I never thought it would go this low (40 cents) but if I do not purchase more down here, I will be extremely mad at myself when this stock is pushing $1 and maybe higher by the time they do the next CC in February.
    I could care less what the stock price does from one day to the next until the price is steady upward movement. I bought some on the way down and will make my biggest purchase very soon, maybe tomorrow. I can wait. The sellers will become buyers after the 30 day waiting period. Those buyers should be coming back real soon. This is a short month with Christmas and New Years being on a Tuesday. That means Friday the 28th is basically the last day with Monday the 31st being a short day. I figure sometime around the week before Christmas, (17th-21st) buyers will be buying back their tax loss stocks. We should know by then about the Nasdaq extension and be closer to the realization of the tax subsidy (fiscal cliff) being passed.

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